Saturday, May 29, 2010


NASA negative image really show the full extent of the Oil Disaster....(photo and diagram are from @Stallcop or Ron Stallcop)

PLUME diagram...

CNN reporter has come to report with NOAA, but this is one of his first photos. ( Rob Marciano )

Photo from the LiveCam , from Friday Eve, we are trying to ascertain if that is Mud or Mud and Oil coming out at high pressure. Unclear of the Junk Shot effectiveness...
@WWLTV raises questions about how our Nation is mesmerized by Top Kill video, but is it working?

Louisiana Marshes....the Booms are not working..5.28.10 President visited the Gulf, spending time in Grand Isle today, many there wish he had visited The People, the Fishermen and gone to the Marshes and really SEEN the Oil.
4PM UPDATES : Re: BP Press Conferences and has TOPKILL Failed ??
Latest Attempt by BP to Plug Oil Leak Fails with the TOPKILL process has supposedly Failed. This Post came out this AM from the NYT and it is a MUSTREAD> At 1:30PM Suttles held press conference and did not discuss the Topkill process and said that More about it would be discussed at 4PM.I took notes during the Conference and I will post his words and the Video later this afternoon. The Press Conference and this Article are a turning point in the Events in the Gulf.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ says that TOPKILL has not stopped the oil leak and is examining other options.
From Kate Shepperd : Mother Jones" BP Admits Top-Kill Not Working " has more details.
4PM Press Conference DUE on TOPKILL....( I will report back after the Presser).


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#oilspill #bp Investigative Hearing Reveals BP's Lack of Conducting Critical Mud Test - allvoices
less than 20 seconds ago via RSS2Twitter

#oilspill #bp Coast Guard Tells Louisiana Residents Oil Spill is not an Environmental Disaster - Before It's

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Pls do share #OSHA #OILSPILL Factsheet 4Safety of #Gulf Workers & Residents (goodinfo on #fumes etc)

Via #CBSnews #BP #OilSlick stretches for 1000sMiles,according2 infrared cameras: #blacktide #oilspill #Gulf via @avivao

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#IMP Deepwater Horizon rig's 2senior officers now considered "parties of interest" in explosion investigation @NOLAnews

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BP announces 'top kill' procedure not working, switches to next option

LIVE VIDEO: Oil leak briefing

Christopher said...

E.P.I.C. F.A.I.L.

What really angers me today is a technician who has been working on the "top kill" project (I reported it this morning) said Saturday the effort never came close to succeeding because the pressure of oil and gas escaping from the well was simply too powerful to overcome.

He added that BP engineers lacked a complete and thorough understanding of the inner workings of drill pipe casing or blowout preventer mechanisms to make the effort a success.

I don't know what it will take for Team Obama to pull themselves out of the blur and stop counting on BP and Dr. David Chu to stop the deteriorating mess in the Gulf of Mexico.

Maybe Obama will finally "get it" after the American people throw him out of office in 2 1/2 years?

Fran said...

I have to say the Friday Obama film footage- with him on a freshly cleaned beach & a few pea sized tar balls seemed like a big whitewash.
How about a photo op with a stack of 316 dead pelicans, 207 dead sea turtles & 22 dead dolphins?
Come on! That IS the truth, the reality of the situation. I hope someone takes time lapse photos of the marsh grasses as they are enveloped in oil & how they die off.

Not that I am wanting gory photos, but this is what is really happening there.

The tiny tar ball scene was BS.

I did not appreciate how they played the "just a little dirty card".

This is a crime scene & criminals need to be arrested.

If the Obama admin were smart, they would seize the assets of BP before their legal teams find slimy ways to hide money.
Besides, the people who lost livelihoods need the cash to start flowing now (1 month out of work already).

I'm sure BP is too busy floundering to be able to start compensating people for their losses.

Don't think the banks will hold off on foreclosing if they don't get their $$.

enigma4ever said...

Pls see #Volunteer post //BlogUpdated //#IMP #Dispersant Post