Monday, May 03, 2010


Stunning Photos from Space....NASA's photos really show the breadth of this Disaster.....
5 BP teams are looking to attempt to stop this growing Spill, that tripled in 36 hours this weekend. Please do see the Post below regarding NOAA closed fishing to all craft commercial and residual in expansive Gulf region yesterday at 2PM. And to add to this the Fishing Industries are fully aware of the Devastation this spill represents. Do read this link from NPR News that explores the Fishing Industries Fears and Concerns. More than 40% of our seafood comes from this fragile region. The Work, livelihood and History is at stake.
President Obama and Governon Bobby Jindal have a talk Sunday May 2nd..

As of 5PM sunday WSJ is reporting a story from Experts that were interviewed that are concerned the actual size of the Leak is One Million Gallons per day at this rate....with as of yet No Solution in sight to stop the gusher.
How Big is Disaster ? What did the President see as he flew in ? The aerials really tell the story. Do click this link Boston Globe has photos from the BIG PICTURE that are striking....
Enigma Message : Please do scroll down this post and others and see that I have tried to gather and compile as much as info as possible regarding this growing situation.It is fast becoming clear that this is a Disaster of incredible proportions. I am following this hourly when not working on other work. I am mostly on twitter you can follow me at @watergatesummer. Twitter as a Community is connecting Gulf Families and people around the country, Wildlife workers,Fisherman and more to work at this massive situation. I will continued to update the post daily with new facts, links, Volunteer information and Health Impacts. If Blog is updated late do come find me on Twitter.This is my 5th disaster working using Twitter as a Tool to connect people to resources and needed information. Twitterpage if you need it.
As of Monday May3rd we now are all starting to recognize that this situation is far from being under control and signifigant event for entire Gulf Region. All articles links below are in an attempt to link us to information as it changes throughout the day.BP is examining all options ( even taking suggestions and ideas from public to help or suggest ideas).
This is the HELP link, a post I created that has ALL possible Volunteer Actions that are being Mobilized even as we speak. Check this page daily for new Efforts and groups, especially for working on Wilflife Recovery. As someone who has worked Human Disasters and worked with Wildlife medical care. Do go get trained NOW if you want to help, there is alot to work. Also anyone thinking of helping with Gulf work please do assess your Health, especially if you have Heart or Respiratory History do talk to your doctor.As of Sunday ALL Coastal Counties are smelling and Detecting Fumes. EPA is testing air in the region.
EPA teams arrived in NOLA this weekend with labs and testing equipment. Complaints regarding Fumes have been recieved and are being monitored in all Coastal Counties at this point. You can read more about monitoring in this link. And to learn more about Health issues from the Fumes Dr.Gina of NRDC shares her perspective and concerns. This situation will need more monitoring, I did try to contact NIOSH and CDC and DHHS to attempt to get more information what they are going to tell people about the fumes,but it was a fruitless effort so far, so stay posted I will post Health Updates. ( this post has more on the Fumes.
HuffingtonPost and others are reporting the 20 Sea Turtles that died this weekend and rolled up on beachs in Mobile. The concern is that they do get all of their diet in the sea as they dive at different levels. So even if they may seem protected from the actual oil, they are more vulerable. As of today the number is up to 27. Necropsies are being done to determine actual cause of death.
NOAA website has PDF that you can view the Projection Maps that shows the extent and growth of the Oilspill this weekend.
NOAA made Announcement in past half hour that most of the Gulf will now be closed to Fishing, All Fishing Recreational and Commercial. Please do Look at the map above and you can see total scope of this Disaster's breadth.NOAA is saying it is for the Next 10 days, but we all know that Oil can have longterm effects.Obama Cabinet members were on morning talk shows, and President Obama is reviewing region this afternoon.CNN Just made the announcement at 2:20PM regarding the Fishing Closure by NOAA.
The Deepwater Horizon Response website continues to have all the updates and I encourage that you check with the Site on more regular basis, as it has updates from all involved from NOAA to Coast Guard.
(Important Imformation I will be posting daily)

People looking to volunteer with the response, call (866) 448-5816. To report affected wildlife, call (866) 557-1401, claims (800) 440-0858
If you want to help or Volunteer I have whole post below on how to help that has links and resources.
Post will be Updated after Evening News by 8PM
8PM update.....Here are new photos from today that are worth seeing.


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Meanwhile TENN needs help too:::

@southerntalker MT @NashRedCross #NashvilleRedCross continung relief efforts4Tennessee floods.Our#1 priority is SAFETY

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MT @NashRedCross The #NashvilleRedCross is continuing relief efforts for Tennessee flooding.Our #1 priority is SAFETY.

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Red Cross Opens Emergency Shelters Across Middle and West Tennessee For Flood Relief

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@lmlTN RT @NavyNews RT @NSA_MidSouth Family Assistance Center at N-82 Gym 901-874-5409.

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@southerntalker RT @smirkitty Signup #Nashvilleflood volunteer opportunities via HandsOnNashville: #OtherSituation2010

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@southerntalker RT @ NavyNews RT @NSA_MidSouth Family Assistance Center at N-82 Gym has info line at 901-874-5409.

Christopher said...

Obama biggest recipient of BP cash

During his time in the Senate and while running for president, Obama received a total of $77,051 from the oil giant and is the top recipient of BP PAC and individual money over the past 20 years, according to financial disclosure records.