Monday, May 17, 2010

GULF OIL DISASTER UPDATE FROM WEEKEND...(Scoll down for more from Weekend)May17th,2010

Satellite from COSMO-SkyMed satellites image from 5.16.10 shows the spill is growing.... Business Week is carrying Story "Is BP burying it's head in sand regarding Size of Spill ? Looking at these Images-which one can compare to images of just a week ago, one has to ask the same questions. The Post from yesterday down below has some disturbing articles asking hard questions about actual Volumes of Oil being spewed into the Gulf at this point.
Do compare Sat.Image above to the NASA photo of May4th, and it is clearly showing that the plumes are growing, and that spill has increased in size and proximity to Coastline.

Yet this is the NOAA 5.18,10 photo-different than the NASA photo-because it show the TAIL of the spill that is headed to the Loop

Deepwater Horizon: NOAA Projected Oil Spill Trajectory Map for May19 does already line up with this Image from above, which raises questions is the Plume growing faster than we know ? Deep Water Horizon Projection maps that had been posted on Sunday were pulled late Sunday night -so I can not post them.
When looking at the Images above, it is also good to keep in mind that Hurricane Season is mere weeks away,
and USGS is already creating projection maps trying to track the possible Plume Paths, and landfall. There were new concerns expressed over weekend regarding the Plumes and the Current Projected paths, including concerns for the Florida Coast and the Keys and even the path projected to Atlantic. Geologist from DiscoverNews weigh in about the Huge underwater plume and what it means for the marine life under or near the plume, he also has video posted with story.

From BBC Monday May 16th,2010 ( You can look at this map and compare it to Sat Image)
BBC's post on "US not happy with BP's curbing efforts" regarding the Latest siphoning efforts. Sunday Afternoon both HLS and the Dept of Interior raised concerns and questions via Statements. ( We have not heard what those statements have resulted in as to responses from BP).
Ap video about the Siphon Process from MrWells of BP Sunday Afternoon, there is no actual video/photos of Siphon Process:

Most of the weekend there were various stories regarding the Siphon process, and the reports were varied and confusing.It is unclear how siphoning helps close/cap the actual leak ? By 6PM Sunday BP was reporting to CNN that the Siphon process was "marginally effective" and that the next plan was to do a "MudKill-shooting Drilling Muds at the Spill and then a Junk Shot would be attempted" ( This was read on air by CNN reporter, but there was no presser given by anyone explaining these new alternatives.) I am posting the AP video because it is really all I could find as an official Presser on the BP Strategies from the Weekend. We also were told that More Dispersant had been approved to be used, as of Saturday-but there was never any update as to whether 216,000 more gallons were to be added to the 476,000 gallons already used. ( Multiple people like me are still requesting that the Waters,Necropsies and Sediments be also tested for the Dispersant Products/Ingredients, not just fuel chemicals). This is my post from last week that explains or questions about the Dispersants and their use, and needed testing in /near fragile egosystem. I did write to EPA and BP and ask questions about the heavy metals and cyanide with no response as of yet.
I spent the weekend researching Technologies trying to better learn if the Junk Shot or the Mud Kill or the Siphon was the best that we could look forward to ? I am also puzzled why Hairbooms or Hay are not being supported for the Coast ? or Why Absorbent Booms or Tankers being used like they were for the Valdez Spill ? I stumbled across this Article questioning the antiquated Strategies being used still today that trace back the Valdez Spill ? After Exxon Valdez, is technology still same? Houston Chronicle: "Decades after Exxon Valdez" .
Last Night on 60 Minutes they did run a 15 Minute story on the Explosion on the Deepwater Oil Rig and interviewed a Survivor. This story is worth seeing and reading carefully, as it illuminates many safety issues and concerns that we did not know about before. It also explains the Missing Safety info that we are now learning about the Prevention Protections that were not in place. You can see the Segment Here and also read the Related Materials and interviews.During the Segment they also reported about the Safety concerns of another Oil Rig, The Atlantis, many of us know of that story from Jason Leopold of Truthout, and his story is linked to the Piece or you can read Jason Leopold's Whistleblower here to learn more about the Atlantis Situation.
Today AP reported that the previous Fed Inspection Reports were/are also in Question.
Nature News Last post from journalist Mark Schrope on board a research vessel studying the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is a must read for anyone wondering what it really looks like in the Gulf right now.
Latest from NOAA on Sea Life that is being monitored and the efforts put forth ( including Sea Turtles update). Still have not located the Necropsy Reports for the Turtles found dead. ( Not sure who has them if NOAA has them , Fed Fish&Wildlife or BP ?)
JMCosteau posted Videos from the Field that are very helpful and give a better picture of what is at stake and happening. ( Videos from may 15th and posted to Twitter).
Think Progress posted more over the weekend about Sea life at risk, including this post regarding Dolphins found dead in the Gulf.
"As ThinkProgress has documented, the BP oil spill off of Louisiana’s coast threatens more than 400 species, with the potential “devastation beyond human comprehension.” Already, brown pelicans, sea turtles, and various types of fish have turned up dead. Now, the National Marine Fisheries Service is reporting that six dolphin carcasses have also been found in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama since May 2".
If you want to help,Volunteer or Donate you can still read more of this post. Thank you for caring for the Gulf.
More Updates Later today.....stay posted. ( I will also post about Gulf Aid's Benefit last night to raise funds and awareness.


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Tuesday update:::

MT @SkyTruth Today #SAT Image: #slick entrainedin Loop current,moving SE ||Enlargd

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Hazardous Substance(s) CAS NO % (w/w)
Distillates, petroleum, hydrotreated light 64742-47-8 10.0 - 30.0
Propylene Glycol 57-55-6 1.0 - 5.0
Organic sulfonic acid salt Proprietary 10.0 - 30.0

These are the Ingredidents for COREXIT according to DeepwaterHorizon Site, but EPA has different Ingredients and NALCO factsheets are different and there are NO OSHA factssheets that I can find.