Tuesday, May 25, 2010


( Boston Globe BIG PICTURE May 22nd,2010 )
The enormity of this Disaster....from the smallest victim to a Ship looking like a Spec of dust against the Oil Slick...

(May 12th Boston Globe photo)
This article appeared in the NYT this morning, the Federal Inspector may have been on crystal meth when inspecting and checking the Gulf oil platform. Do read this attached article, it is a must read.
CBS Evening News Monday 5.24 With Katie Couric in the Gulf

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The TOPKILL BP Process is planned for tomorrow, this diagram was found on Internet, explains the process. It is unclear at this point if the Live Videocams will still allow us to watch this process. This is the first time EVER this process will be deployed in Deep Water and with the methane/hydrate issue.....(Stay tuned I will post more info on this later tonight).
"Top kill" a tricky maneuver from LATimes has more about the actual plan for the TopKill tomorrow, it has some details that are helpful to know, that include about the Pressure issues, Mud Ingredients and why the Junk Shot may be part of the process. ( On Twitter we learned this evening that under pressure BP will be allowing the Livecam to show the Process. )

Snippet From LATimes Article :
Here's how it will work:

Heavy mud will be forced into the well to counteract the upward pressure of the leaking oil and gas. Then cement will be poured in after the mud to seal the opening.

If for some reason the mud alone cannot push down the oil, BP officials said they might also try to stop the flow with a "junk shot" filled with golf balls, among other objects.

Success of the venture will depend on loading enough mud and cement into the well to stop the surge of oil and gas — a tricky proposition. Iraj Ershaghi, director of the petroleum engineering department at USC, estimated that the upward pressure was likely to be about 9,000 pounds per square inch. At a depth of 5,000 feet, the water pressure bearing down on the leak is about 2,500 pounds per square inch, he added.

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Christopher said...

Minerals Management Service Staffers Enjoyed Free Sports Events, Internet Porn and Meth


Our government at work.

enigma4ever said...


Do read or click the link above-
NYT: Federal inspector may have been on crystal #meth when checking #Gulf #oil platform. http://nyti.ms/9ugnri

I did not have time to add this early this morning.
Yes the MMS was riddled with corruption, for many years. Under Bush the Leader was Lonnie Norton- from Wyoming- not qualified- had been head of the Casinos, Lottery,Gaming Commission in Wyoming...
That to me says it all....a Giant crapshoot...

I can't remember the details or the Numbers but of MMS and Interior Dept ( Gale Norton's leadership) there has been atleast 9 that were arrested for coprruption- there was trading going on for Secrets? hookers..drugs etc etc...

A mess...
A bloody mess...

enigma4ever said...

by the way I am reading your blog-have been-just have not been commenting-I am not really commenting anywhere...just kind of talked out-so please don't take it personally...ok?

But I am grateful that you are covering the Gulf...it is a mess...the more that are aware and care...the better....

Christopher said...

I don't take it personally if you don't comment. Honestly.

I'll tell you this, the situation in the Gulf of Mexico is a crime scene -- akin to a house with the yellow police tape wrapped around it that says "CSI."

For those of us covering this, we know now that the phony-baloney 220,000 gallon figure is 19 times higher, or 4 million gallons a day of oil being released into the Gulf.

If this deep well isn't capped, in a year, this translates into 14.6 billion gallons. The Gulf will be a dead sea and all life in it destroyed.

You think climate change is bad now? Wait until the Gulf of Mexico is destroyed.

enigma4ever said...

I think most of us do think this is much worse than Valdez-never thought I would say that....

and yes I think the 4Million estimate might be more accurate when all is said and done...

Tomorrow will determine what happens next..

is the Gulf a dead zone? I don't know...but the fact that we even have to discuss or think of that is tragic...and yes, criminal...

enigma4ever said...

Thurs eve : about the 5:30PM Presser BP/Coast Guard

(NEWSER) – The "top kill" operation is on hold, and oil is still gushing from the floor of the Gulf. BP says it hopes to try again later tonight. News of the suspension, first reported by the New York Times in the late afternoon, came as something of a surprise after a day of generally positive reports about the operation in the Gulf. In fact, the company had halted the "top kill" about midnight Wednesday after twice pumping dense mud into the well.

A spokesman said engineers paused to assess the plumes, and company officials believed they made some progress, reports the Washington Post. "I think some people believe it has. Some people believe it's less obvious it has. What we do believe we've done is successfully pumped some mud, some of this drilling mud, into this wellbore," he said. "What we do know is that we have not yet stopped the flow."