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TOPKILL Update 2PM Wednesday May 26th to 1AM May 28th
Wed.Night :The Topkill had started at 2PM and by MN, it was hour 10 of the TOPKILL and so we were all watching the LIVECAMS and we could still see much billowing brownish clouds, so we were trying to figure out if the Mud was filling the Lines, the Well, was the Pressure being matched to the Oil. (If you read the post below it explains what is supposed to happen with the TOPKILL).
So last night a bunch of us were monitoring the LIVE CAMS of the Topkill operation, especially after midnight and we were trying to figure out if something was wrong, or was the BP CAM looped ? By 3AM a bunch of the feeds were dark and we could not figure out why. At the time we thought it was camera malfunction.

So today, there was no updates by BP on their Twitter page or website or at their LIVECAM page, but the same Camera feed continued all morning. 12:45 PM President Obama gave his presser on the Gulf Situation and through the afternoon we all kept wondering HOW LONG will it take for the MUD to flow, before the Pressure is reached, the oil is stopped and then we can await an announcement from BP saying it was the Cement time.

At 5:30PM CNN took us LIVE to Gulf Press Conference with Coast Guard and BP and MMS. And then Mr Suttles from BP came to the podium and explained that the Mud Part of the TOPKILL Process had been halted at MN ( Hour 10 of the Topkill). Mind you this press conference was Hour 27 of the Topkill and he informed us that the TOPKILL Process had been halted for the past 16 hours and yet NO ONE had been told that ? Not the Media ? Did the Coast Guard know that whole time ? Did BP tell the President before his own Press Conference in the afternoon ? WHO did know ? And why did they wait 16 hours to tell the Public. AND the bigger Question WHAT had all of us been watching on the Cameras for 16 hours ? LOOPED VIDEO ?

So at 7:45 PM Suttles came out and held another Press Conference and announced that The Process was Staring again with the Junk Shot. And that was the last we heard. LINKS to both pressers will be put Below.

Please know I am just a nurse, a concerned citizen trying to pay attention and learn what I can and share with others...I have no oil history, I did live in a Place that survived a Pipeline Explosion, so I do appreciate how dangerous the Industry can be , and how dangerous it can be for the residents and the Clean Up workers...So I care and blog and hope that we can all learn more to help the Gulf with this Disaster.

(1) The Oil Drum online and via Twitter has been a really good source for information about the Processes involved with the topkill with graphics and details. Still pretty hi tech and complicated, but over all very helpful.
(2) This is the LINK to the actual CNN 7:45 Press Conference with BP Suttles explaining Stage II the Junk Shot.
From NEWSER (7PM):
(NEWSER) – The "top kill" operation is on hold, and oil is still gushing from the floor of the Gulf. BP says it hopes to try again later tonight. News of the suspension, first reported by the New York Times in the late afternoon, came as something of a surprise after a day of generally positive reports about the operation in the Gulf. In fact, the company had halted the "top kill" about midnight Wednesday after twice pumping dense mud into the well.

A spokesman said engineers paused to assess the plumes, and company officials believed they made some progress, reports the Washington Post. "I think some people believe it has. Some people believe it's less obvious it has. What we do believe we've done is successfully pumped some mud, some of this drilling mud, into this wellbore," he said. "What we do know is that we have not yet stopped the flow."
(3) New York Times has update regarding Stage II of the Topkill Operation and what happens next.

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