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OIL DISASTER UPDATE: Day 35:Monday May 24th Gusher still going Strong,NOAA Issues 1st Hurricane Update

Scientists found this oil-coated adult loggerhead turtle Thursday off the coast of Venice after an aerial survey directed from Houma. ( From the HoumaNewsBlog, please see Turtle Update in the Wildlife Update Section below).
Quick Enigma Note: This post was put together late last night, with many helping to gather information via Internet and Twitter of Weekend Gulf Updates as the Oil Slick hit the Shores and Marshlands. I am so grateful for the many helping hands and minds of Twitter.Thank you. I will try to not post Dead Oiled Animals, but I did want to post this Oiled Turtle being rescued and cared for. Do see More at Boston Globe's BIG PICTURE.
Saturday May 22nd Eve news:
CBS More of the Slick moves on shore, Concerns about the Government's role continues...

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NBC evening News ( Saturday May 22):

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HURRICANE UPDATES (now to be included with Oil Slick Updates
We have been waiting for NOAA to issue it's first Hurricane Updates, with Maps, Images and projections, that was due to come out June 1st. I did read last week that USGS, NOAA and others were meeting to assemble data and examine this situation (Twitter). Late Last Night NOAA issued first Hurricane Update ( not Storm, but Hurricane forming in the Atlantic that bears watching at this point , solely because of the gulf Situation). NOAA issued this first update and it shows the storm formation out past Bermuda, and it looks to be moving in that direction, hopefully it will not move into Gulf. The reason this season is of such concern is that like 2005 there are Warmest Temperatures on record, which impacts the Hurricane Season. People have been asking why do Hurricanes impact the gulf Situation, it is because with large underwater Oil Cloud formations in the Sea combined with the Current, it sets up a very complicated situation for the entire Gulf Coastline.

To read more and understand better Times Picayune ( has first article up about this Atlantic Storm forming, and explains why it matters for those in the Gulf.
CRITICAL: From another perspective it would be and is important that the NASA Sat Photos be analyzed and overlaid with the NOAA Hurricane Images and Trajectory Maps, especially comparing the SE LOOP Currents and the Storm Maps in the Gulf. This would help to estimate where the Oil Slick could impact Shorelines on Gulf Coasts during Hurricanes.
BP's own site:LIVE Webcam
*{ This is the Cam Link that was finally posted after Markey and Boxer worked so hard demanding BP let Experts and Public SEE the actual Flow from the Site. Now a Panel of experts has been assembled to examine footage and estimate Daily Flow. Please see Friday's post below to learn more. Sunday Night there were problems with the LiveCam- which we are hoping was Camera Malfunction.Today both cameras are up, people on Twitter are monitoring for increased plumage and more debris falling at site. People on Twitter are also watching trying to ascertain that the feed is not LOOPED.}
Times Picayune has more this morning regarding BP's plan to attempt the TOP KILL Project to Cap leak, at the earliest the Process has been made to start on Wednesday ( it has been delayed twice, not sure why).It is important to recognize that this Process has never been done in Deep Water region, or underwater in these conditions, and with such presence of Methane and Hydrates or with an active gusher like this one. ( This will be the forth attempt by BP to stop Leak. It is also to be noted that according to reports, the Siphon is not working as well as of Sunday night and is siphoning "less".) ( Sunday morning is when BP admitted that the Siphoning Process was not working as effectively, you can read more here.)
WildLife and EcoSystem Updates:
(1) Over Weekend Washington Post posted this graphic which helps educate what Oil does to salt marsh ecosystems and its effects on birds and all wildlife. This post is especially important as now Grand Isle, many Barrier Island off Louisana and 54 Miles of Louisiana Coastline is Directly impacted with the Oily Goo of the Oil Slick
(2) US Fish & Wildlife Service reports 32 Nat'l Wildlife Refuges are at risk from the the BP Oil Slick. This is a critical issue, because as the Recovery and Rescue of the injured wildlife continues, it raises questions of where to release them, but also the future fate for thousands,maybe millions of creatures.
(3) Local Louisiana Stations are reporting of the Slick and the Pelican Nesting Grounds, especially on Cat Island.Please click the link to learn more about this.( I won't post oily Pelican photos-sorry-it's too graphic ) If you want to learn more about the Risk of Oil to the Nesting Areas please do read this attached post.
Biologists find more oiled sea turtles.The number of Dead Turtles total is over 166 as of now, but the oiled Turtles that are found are not all dead, there are Rescue operations ongoing. The Turtles are of different kinds, Kemp Ridley,Loggerheads and Sea Turtles are all sensitive to this oil in the Gulf, as they have to swim in it, and they are Deep Swimmers as they look for food. The Effects of the Dispersant are a huge risk to them as well

Health Issues
I am still passing this OSHA FactSheet around Twitter and the Internet because it has Facts regarding being exposed to the Oilspill and FUMES. HLS and DHHS are still not issuing any warnings or Facts sheets-we are now 32 days into this crisis, so I don't know what they are waiting for at this point. If you want to share the info I will put it in comments so you can Twitter. Meanwhile the Fishermen that are assisting in the Clean Up Operations are having health effects and problems that they are not sure if they are related to Oils or Dispersant. EdBlizzard's huffpo post on GulfWorkers feeling effects is a must read. OSHA is involved, but there is no care or agency for the Residents yet. Volunteers for America is going down this week to set up help centers for the Gulf and assist with psychological care and other needs. But as of yet there is still No Hotlines for the Physical Symptoms of the fumes reaching shore. (( As a Nurse I am encouraging people with existing Conditions, Immune disorders, Heart and respiratory conditions to limit time outside and spend time indoors if they smell fumes, and to use AC and filtered air.)
More MUST READS from the Weekend:
From @Unclo he points out that if People want to boycott BP, they need to boycott other entities as well, ARCO, and AM/PM shops as well, you can read more from the post he sent me. Please think on it.
As this Disaster unfold it is important to recognize that it is being watched Worldwide.(I am grateful I got emails and links sent to me from all over -from Indonesia, Japan, UK and Australia to name a few.) This attached article is from the UK, from The Independent "The Black Hole in the Gulf."
Tom Foreman CCN writes Letter to the President that is much better than mine down below, I hope more and more do write to the President about this Disaster.
"Kevin Costner and His Brother Helping to Clean Up the Oil Spill" Is a Must read. BP is listening and working with this actor who spent 20 years investing in the Oil Seperator Technology that might help this situation. For those of us that went to see WaterWorld, we now know that our going to his movies was actually a good investment to help this Disaster. It's Ironic and poignant.
Oil spill video: Times-Picayune reporters give latest updates and coverage.
Audobon Magazine has update on sealife,
Spill update: Oil might've killed 87 sea turtles, 18 birds, 6 dolphins; oil industry tax hike; leak video.

Once again Huffington Post has devoted a whole page to this situation. It is to be noted that Think Progress and Truthout and Raw Story and many other blogs have really been tracking Whistleblower concerns, Animal damage and reports from the Gulf States.
Seafood Resturantes and Suppliers have already started to Sue BP, this has not been reported by Big Media, but local media on the Gulf is starting to Report.
If you want to help,Volunteer or Donate you can still read more of this post. Thank you for caring for the Gulf.
Please do scroll down as all the posts below explain about the Volume and the Sat photos explain about the Oil Spill Entering the SE Loop.
Many Other Blogs,Internet News are doing great job with Updates: Truthout,SkyTruth, HuffingtonPost,Think Progress, and the Times Picayune, and @GOHSEP are Daily Greats.
More Updates later.....taking break for now...


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Please note I do have updates coming in From Mississipi and Alabama and the Barrier Islands and Grand Isle - I will post those later...

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One of my readers posted that numerous computer experts in the USA and Britain have analyzed the BP oil spill cam and they have concluded it is a video loop.

In other words, we are not getting real time footage.

This is a blatant effort to cover-up how extensive the damage is to the region.

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I will be posting Costeau photos and video later today ( the Costeau family is down there and posting updates daily on Twitter)

I too am in contact with numerous people wondering /examining the LOOP issue ( some of them have Broadcasting/fim experience) .Your concern is valid- and I voiced above that many are watching to attempt to figure out if it is LOOP..

one of the theories being discussed on Twitter is being use occasionally ? at certain times ?

( I know last night for 6 hours there was a discrepency in the footage at two sites)

I just don't know-
I will keep scouring the Film Journals and find articles on it...and post.

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"Louisiana's Brown Pelican Imperiled"(BusinessWeek) #gulf #oilspill

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