Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lansing Mayor tells the Truth......

Lansing Mayor chews FOX out- Explains to them about Working People....and Reality.


Annette said...

That was good.. they need more like this..over and over.. to all these damn repukes.

Fran said...

BRAVO!!!!!! *Clapping & cheering*.... this guy KNOWS how to handle the media. Say what you want to say regardless of the question.... make sure your message does not wind up on the editing room floor.

Wall Street and Government- neither is clamoring to figure out what cuts & concessions they will take.

I love the way he dished it out to FOX !

It's all true- companies that took care of employees with pensions & lifelong healthcare contributed to the economy.
One of the underlying issues of this era is the boomers going into retirement now (most) don't have pensions & what the did have in retirement 401k's much of it just vanished in the Bush bankruptcy.

libhom said...

Why does anyone still watch Faux News?

enigma4ever said...

hmm, I have no answer for that....I found this and posted it because I had heard about it from a friend....but no, you are right WHO watches it for "news" ????

love your new avatar...yeah- he did a great job...really nailed it...and made FOX look so ignorant ( not that they need any help with that !!!)

yup...Damn Repukes....( they are so pathetic....)