Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Then It was Tuesday.....

I am finally off today....all day. So I am home working on The Book, and trying to catch up on News and Blogland.....I should be cleaning....but I need hang time with 6-6 and to read...But Scroll Down- there is plenty below.....some great articles linked...
And yes, I will be here tonight watching President Obama 's Address....

( About the photo....I spent part of the morning looking at Hammocks online...lusting for summer....pretty soothing eh?)
Ever since I saw Jennifer Nettles sing with James Taylor at the Lincoln Memorial the weekend of the Inauguration....I have been listening to her...and yes, Sugarland....Jennifer Nettles ( Sugarland) " Life in a Northern Town"....This song for some reason reminds me of the Puget Sound and the Northwest...I am not sure why....really cheery song, and linked to the title is her with Bon Jovi....really uplifting....

Another version of the Song....about Obama, and the road to the Whitehouse....
"Your hopes, dreams and aspirations are legitimate. They are trying to take you airborne, above the clouds, above the storms, if you only let them." William James.
"Let perseverance be your engine and hope your fuel."Jackson Brown


enigma4ever said...

Bob Cesca had the best quote up today.......

"It is my personal experience that my decision to remain in the profession I love has come at a great financial cost to me and to my family. My pay has been cut 40 percent. My pension, like most airline pensions, has been terminated and replaced by a PBGC guarantee worth only pennies to the dollar." —Captain Chesley Sullenberger to the House Aviation Subcommittee

Renegade Eye said...

I missed something. The book?

Annette said...

Yes.. Sully testified in front of Congress today.. I missed it, just saw snippets of it..

Gryphen said...

Aaah it is so nice and peaceful over here.

On my side of the freaking blogosphere things are happening so fast that I am in danger of coming down with a bad case of carpal tunnel.

I blame that bitch Sarah Palin, and oh how she hates my ass. Which if I do say so myself is looking somewhat spectacular lately. I am just saying.

enigma4ever said...

hey you....gman...
so has that joe the journalist been wreaking havoc up there on SaraPee....I how I hope so ;-)

( she is a bitch....for sure...)
I will be over tonight...
good to see you....hmm, hard to see said ass through the internet though.....LOL.....jus sayin'..

Quote of the Eve::
"I don't even know the congressional leadership," Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. told the paper's editors and reporters. "I have not met them. I don't listen or read whatever it is they say because it is inconsequential -- completely." Huntsman added that he would not reject any money from President Obama's stimulus. While he criticized what he saw as misdirected spending in bill, he said Republicans had no credibility on fiscal responsibility.

"Our moral soapbox was completely taken away from us because of our behavior in the last few years," he said. "For us to now criticize analogous behavior is hypocrisy. We've got to come at it a different way. We've got to prove the point. It can't be as the Chinese would say, 'fei hua,' [or] empty words."

Huntsman recently made waves when a spokeman announced that the governor supported civil unions for gay couples. Utah has a constitutional ban on gay marriage and domestic unions.

I missed it too..looking for the video right now...

just emailed you friend...yup....my book...

enigma4ever said...

The Song is by Nick Drake, about wishing for better times, and return of a certain feeling and not saying goodbye to that time.....

A Salvation Army band played
And the children drank lemonade
And the morning lasted all day,
All day
And through an open window came
Like Sinatra in a younger day,
Pushing the town away
Ah -

Ah hey ma ma ma
Life in a northern town.

They sat on the stoney ground
And he took a cigarette out
And everyone else came down
To listen.
He said "In winter 1963
It felt like the world would freeze
With John F. Kennedy
And the Beatles."

Ah hey ma ma ma
Life in a northern town.
Ah hey ma ma ma
All the work shut down.

The evening had turned to rain
Watch the water roll down the drain,
As we followed him down
To the station
And though he never would wave goodbye,
You could see it written in his eyes
As the train rolled out of sight