Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama has been writing personal letters to grieving Military Families.....

Obama is writing letters to the Families....NO copied, stamped letters....like Rummy and Bush did, treating the dead soldiers like tossed away toy soldiers......Obama is showing that a real leader gives compassion and respect to grieving families....Connecting to their pain with a personal letter is a way of honoring these families and their loss.....Click the title to read the article about Obama's Letters.


Fran said...

I am going to stick my neck out here, and speak out. This is an item I have never been aligned with, as far as Obama goes. It is not enough to write personal letter of condolences. That is better than form letters no doubt. But I am not going to settle for that. It's not enough, and I will call bull shit.
What would be even better than sending personal condolences for soldier's lives lost is to stop the wars. Stop the killing. Stop the violence.
6 long years in Iraq & an even longer time in Afghanistan. So many have died, we don;t even know the numbers, because it became too dangerous for reporters to accurately report the story. More reporters & journalists were killed & injured in this war than any other.

Prior to the surge in Afghanistan, the U.S. - since Obama has been president, has bombed Pakistan with drone planes. Now Obama sends 17,000 troops into Afghanistan. Obama has been publicly announcing the planned surge for months so the Taliban and Al Queda had a heads up to prepare.

They have already said they expect things to get worse before any improvement might happen.

I can't believe 3 weeks into the Obama presidency & already the escalation in Afghanistan is happening.
Was there any diplomacy?
Was there any thoughts other than war as a strategy?

Letters to the families of the deceased of the wars we perpetuate just don;t cut it for me.
I'm sorry.

Not only is there nothing to be won, we really can't afford more war. We've already spent $600 trillion on the Iraq war. We are bankrupt.

But this issue goes way beyond financial realities.
I don;t see an Afghanistan surge, or U.S. aggression in Pakistan as anything different than the mindless violence of the Bush administration.

Sorry, I am just sick of the war scene for this country, and I want it to stop.

enigma4ever said...

you are not sticking your neck out about this...you are speaking from the heart....I hear you...and I understand....

I wish things were very very different...