Wednesday, March 04, 2009

True Job Numbers for January and Feb ( Reuters) 614,000 for January, and 697,000 for February....

I think the Repugs and the MSM should just shut up.....they have NO Idea how bad things are out here...really...the January Numbers are revised....and the February numbers are not pretty...( Snippet below, but Click Title for full Reuters article)
Snippet from the article:::
"NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. private sector job losses accelerated in February, according to a report by ADP Employer Services that suggests hefty employment declines are on the way in the government's payrolls report due on Friday.ADP said on Wednesday that private employers cut 697,000 jobs in February versus a revised 614,000 jobs lost in January. The January job cuts were originally reported at 522,000.It was the biggest job loss since the report's launch in 2001 and showed the misery of declining employment spreading broadly and evenly throughout the economy.The service sector, which often resists the grip of recession longer than other areas, accounted for more than half of the total losses, reflecting the rapid deterioration of the economy in recent months."
and yeah....the Service Sector...that would indeed include Nurses and teachers ( come to Ohio, I have never met so many laid off Teachers before..)....and so many other valuable jobs...

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