Friday, August 28, 2009

Videos from the Senator Kennedy's Wake and Funeral ....

Ken Burns video...

John Kerry at Teddy's Wake Part I...
John Kerry Part II
John Kerry Part III
John Biden's eulogy....part I
Part II of Biden
Chris Dodd part I
Chris Dodd part II
Caroline speaking of Uncle Teddy..
Joe Kennedy
Orren Hatch Part I
Orren Hatch Part II
Irish Eyes are smiling....
John Culver must see- so funny and sweet Part I
John Culver part II
I am still looking for Governor of Mass, Duvall Patrick if you find it let me know ...thanks
Democracy Now has compiled Teddy speaking as to why HCR is a Moral issue....
Cspan archive of the event
This is the video of Teddy arriving in Boston...very beautiful that all the people came out Teddy would have loved that welcome......

Note::: The Kennedys did a beautiful job taking care of Teddy in repose but also at this service it was full of love, laughter and stories....and Vicky is so amazing, so inspiring in her grace and dignity...
Saturday Update:
If you want to read President Obama's Eulogy...
ABC footage of Teddy Jr saying goodbye to his dad, at the Basilica...
Video of Teddy Jr ( youtube if ABC not working)
Video of Part II of Teddy Jr
Video of Patrick Kennedy
President Obama's Eulogy Part I >8 minutes
Part II of President Obama
His Grandkids say their prayers, very special

(if you can-do see the Wake on cspan- it was beautiful...full of stories and love...I am working on a post for tomorrow..about the Kennedy Era and Healthcare...but for tonight...gnite..)
Really wonderful Salon post by Joan Walsh.....about Teddy...

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