Friday, August 14, 2009

Grassley Calls Obama's Healthcare Reform "DANGEROUS" at Town Hall On Tape of Wed Town Hall on Cpsan NOW- turn it on

Connected to the Title is the Actual town Hall Meeting on tape cspan, I am forwarding to appropriate people as there is some very concerning language and misleading statements. ( Some of the meeting is blogged in the comments as I watched).

Cspan Link is here, and is worth watching.....


enigma4ever said...

Friday Noon cpsan:::
Grassley town hall meeting from wed. in a church,
and he is talking about how he prays for Christ because he was sure Jesus would want him to- now this is strange- because the Question was :
"Are the Feds going to take over Our Waters all of our waters"

Then he rambles on how the Laws disrespect the Private property, and that he had a talk with Sotomayer and that she did not respect the rights of private property. ( ??? this sounds like a bunch of hoeey). He is just making shit up....( Obama is a fool to trust this man for 5 minutes).

Now he is saying that His Plan is dangerous- the Public Option is dangerous, now he is making up numbers saying 120 million will op out. The President's Plan is unworkable-he should have not promised it. Now he is talking about some law 1974
and talks about How Small Businesses are going to be in danger in 5 years , because they would not be protected by Self Insured Laws. If you like your insurance you won't be able to keep it.

Out of Pocket Caps and Lifetime Caps Question ?
"we are still talking", He does not know about the Kennedy Bill- he says it is not printed ??? What the hell is he doing- he makes it sound the Govt is hiding bills and data from people." 13-15 % is what I think it is" but what he did not know what

"BLue Cross and Blue Sheild Boards used to be nonprofit" Pediatrician got up and said that he worked for the Original Board inthe 60's, he is siting the CEO"s and Board members making millions, that is why we are spending twice as much as other countries.

"It is great heathcare for people that have insurance- but not for the people that don't have any thing- they have no care. He then went on to tell Horror stories from Texas babies being born without any prenatal care. Then he went on to ramble a smidge that drugs are too expensive.Now he is talking about Afganistan."

( the pediatrician did bring up great points..)

AND now MEdicaid is being bashed by Grassley..shit- he is unreal.

Bottem line- Grassely

1:00 PM

enigma4ever said...

For the Question about UnInsured his answer was that it was Individual Responsibility. ( The people are doing Great questions). And that he does not know what is being planned- that State Insurance Laws do control the premiums, but if there is descrimination, then peoople can ask the Feds for help.

Now he is being asked about John Deere: Should everybody go work for John Deere ? He did not answer the question.

NOW he is saying that the Climate Change Bill will cause your electric bills to go up.....WOW he is an amazing liar. He is rambling and making stuff up..

I think it is going to be difficult to get anything passed before Christmas.

Now he is rambling about coal, and saying how certain states will make money- the BY and Cali will make he is saying that the rest of the world might not go along....He is again making up stuff Cap And Trade should be called Cap and Tax.

enigma4ever said...

I am going to call the White house about this- if the Repugs are using this month to go around and bash Healthcare and ALL of Obama's agenda- then they should be called back to DC and chewed out....maybe even censured.

tom said...

So he was just playing with us and the administration?
I just bet HE ENJOYS his socialist healthcare
WHY ARE THEY ALL LIARS AND TOOLS, and why are folk with out healthcare rooting for any plan to fail, one ONLY one answer
Obama is Black
(the fact that we won by 6 million votes is not a real event to them)
Funny I recall that Rush Limbaugh told us to SHUT UP UNTILL WE WON A MAJORITY.....

enigma4ever said...

my head just about exloded when he said

I am writing to Rachel and Keith and Sherrod Brown and yes WH...