Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dana Gould is Brilliant :: the Town Hall Meetings Vs RAM Care at the Forum, How it ALL makes sense....Must See ( Bill Maher 8.14)

Dana does the ultimate video expose, the Town Hall Meetings vs. the RAM Medical Event in LA....and asks some really Good Questions.

(( If you scroll down you can learn about the RAM Medical Event in LA , barely Covered by National Media in America, and yet covered in the UK, Down Under and in Canada. Thousands cared for at the LA Forum by the Remote Area Medical Team and it has been ongoing all week. A stark reminder of What is at stake here....Lives are at stake ))


Annette said...

Come get the video of just the piece of Dana that I have from Crooks & Liars.. it won't be taken down.. or go to the C&L site and get it.. either one.. HBO takes all these down after a bit.. they are

enigma4ever said...

thanx ;-)

Annette said...

You are very welcome.. this was such a great piece I am glad C&L put it up like they did.. I wanted to put it up so badly after I saw it.. I can't believe again.. our so called MSM is just not doing their damn job.. if just one of them would get out and start digging like this and reporting it this would all start turning around and people would be clammering for the bills to be passed, but they are too lazy and too entrenched in the pockets of big business and money to really tell the stories.. it takes Maher and Stewart and Colbert.. sad isn't it.

Fran said...

Thanks! I liked his initial summary....

What the FUCK????

This is so good I posted it too- but gave you kudos.

These people are set up to be in Haiti & guam & other 3rd world countries & are swamped here in the US of A

the question was asked: What's the hurry?

this is the answer.