Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday August 21st ...working on new posts..

I have two posts I am working on for this afternoon. I am trying to write one post analyzing the Hate Mongering that is going on at the Town Hall Meetings. Yesterday my son 6-6 and I watched the Barney Franks town hall meeting from this week, and it was quite a display of rudeness and anger, that I am still trying to decipher and put into some kind of context. And then am still trying to review Statistics, and on another level a part of me even wonders if Anyone even Cares about Statistics, am I the only one that sees they truly measure the Human Condtion ? And in the middle of sitting here writing I noticed that MSNBC is running a story that the Recession is over ? Really ??? Where ? Boy, that is not the America I am seeing in my hood.....

I have thought alot about the Obama Forum , the pep talk from yesterday. That we should be working and fighting for Healthcare for everyone. And I am still trying to ponder how do we organize people that are sick and can not go door to door. And on another level, does anyone want to go door to door in this Era of Hate that has been unleashed ? When Hate Packs Heat haven't we entered a whole new realm ? 's alot to wrap one's head around...

Anyways, so please be patient- there will be new posts up this afternoon. On another level, I wonder if at this point if we are conditioned to August being a Month of for now some Bill Maher.

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