Friday, August 28, 2009

For those Wanting Details of Teddy's Funeral and the Planned Procession to Arlington, please click the title....

For those of us that are Proud to be a Liberal, please share this...

Today Both TIME and Newsweek will have Special Teddy Issues...


the walking man said...

I am proud to be a liberal but there are still fish to fry and goats to get. Let him pass.

Fran said...

The more I hear about the life & works of Ted Kennedy, the more respect I have for him & realize what a void he leaves in the wake of his absence.

That being said, I think he would want *We the People* to carry on the fight for justice. That being said I just wrote an editorial about the local town hall meeting on health care & sent it to the paper. I called my (dem) congressman's *political tap dance falling short of substance". He did not allow those prepared to speak the chance, wasted time calling numbers of people who did not want to speak, and gave the lame response that he would decide how he;d vote when he saw the final draft.

My bullshit-o-meter was in the red zone.
Either say you are for the public option & will fight for it or not.
He's trying to play both sides & no one called him out on it.... and no one said quit the war funding marathon (of which he is guilty), and fund health care.

If we don;t publicly step up & call them out... they just keep playing the same riding the fence games, playing politics & not really taking a stand on such important issues.


We HAVE to put the pressure on. Demand they answer publicly...etc....

Meanwhile, Cindy Sheehan is putting the pressure on Obama. Although he did not start the wars, he is perpetuating them. She STILL wants to know what is the noble cause?
Also making the point although Obama is on vacation, the people in Iraq & Afghanistan & Pakistan have no vacation from the pain & suffering.

It's true & I admire her for keeping vigil with that topic.