Sunday, August 16, 2009

WE NEED THE PUBLIC OPTION:::My Letter to President Obama, Senate and Congress Members

Dear President Obama,
This weekend we heard rumors that the Public Option was to be abandoned by the White House.I, as an UnInsured Nurse, hope and pray that this is not true, but it was reported by CBS, CNN and the AP. Atleast 52 Million Americans are without ANY Healthcare or Insurance. There are another estimated 14,000 people per day losing Healthcare. It is estimated that Millions more are UnderInsured with their present Insurance refusing care and treatments, or denying coverage.It is also estimated that
72% of ALL Bankruptcies are related to Medical Bills and hardship, when Insurance refused or capped out and people were left destitute. No One should be losing their home for Health.

We the People do not need Insurance Reform, we need Health Care Reform, because we are in a Healthcare Crisis ( created by the Insurance Industry).Tax Credits will do most Lower Middle Class and Working Poor no good when they have No Insurance and No healthcare and have already been denied and cancelled. What No One is saying is that Millions of people are Without Options, and have NO Healthcare, that is why we need the Public Option or Single Payer.

Part of the Rumors stem from Secretary Sebellius stating in interviews and on the road that the Co-Op Option is being pursued and would provide affordable care,I have never heard her on cspan tape or interviews speak forcefully for the Public Option.
I did hear her on CNN say that the "Public Option is Not Essential", and speak about the Co-op Idea that only TWO Senators have casually talked about. She spoke out of turn, she spoke about how the "consumers deserved competition" and "new rules". None of this addresses what has happened to millions being over-charged, losing homes, denied care and coverage and already denied care, we deserve a Public Option , not another chance to be denied or cancelled or lied to or over
charged.If she is to lead DHHS she must support your lead on this issue and also support the Public Option, and in Public do so, yet she has been consistently speaking out of turn and incorrectly. As an RN, I am thinking she has not a clue what is at stake with people Medically and is causing more harm than good on this issue. Linda Douglas has spoken better to the health issues on Media Interviews and for that I am grateful. ( You did have a Doctor from your Advisory Team speak on a couple of Interviews, but I have not seen her in recent interviews).

This past week RAM Medical Team held a Public Event in LA and it is estimated that thousands stood out in the huge lines waiting for basic medical care, and that when all is said and done 10,000 People will be seen by this team at the LA Forum. If you speak to the RAM Director and Founder Ken Brock, he will tell you many were insured or recently unemployed and could not afford basic medical care or Cobra at all. ( Photo is from that event).

I am asking you please to stay strong on the Issue of True Healthcare Reform, Supporting the Public Option or the Single Player Option. My son and I supported you and your campaign because we believed in you and saw you speak twice, and we believed that you would help Fix This Healthcare Mess. We still have faith in you.

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