Sunday, August 30, 2009

Labor Day Events- Organizing For America and For Healthcare....get out there and do it folks

The only way to Educate People, and Debunk Myths is to get out there...and explain about Singlepayer and Public Option, and also how 50 Million Americans NEED Heatlhcare...( 50 Million is alot of people,more than the Population of Canada)..and yes, explain this is NOT about Insurance Reform- this is about Healthcare Reform....Do Scroll down- there is plenty here about Issues, Meetings and Info, as well as My Letter About Teddy Care....
(1) Also over the Next week we need to start Nagging the Senate- we need a NEW Lion ( Brown? Feingold? Franken? WHO?)
(2) Do Call Media and make sure they Come to the Event- and do blog WHO you called, now if they don't come- we could always start holding events Near TV stations. DO take photos and Video and Post and send out.

Here is the Link to the WH Reality Check Site, They are calling it Insurance Reform, instead of HCR, and this is worrying, but as they hold meetings this month,hopefully they will get feedback,because it is more than Insurance that needs reforming.

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