Saturday, August 08, 2009

Gun Violence is now being encouraged for the Town Hall using Twitter...

Many of us have been talking....this New turn is not shocking...violence is a tactic these Neanderthals would embrace and careful out there..go in Groups to meetings and Take Cameras and Phones- it may save lives...LOTS of cameras...( and yeah as a Nurse when I go to these meetings I am taking a First Aid Kit..)


Wolfe Tone said...

As I've said, what the GOP is doing is sedition, plain and simple.

The MSM needs to stop promulgating this crap as "a grassroots movement," and call it what it is.

enigma4ever said... are a 100% correct...we have entered a whole new level of crazy....

( I need to check out your blogs- thanks for coming by and having a read..)