Friday, August 21, 2009

Last Night Jon Stewart Confronted the "Death Panel" Debacle Creator....It is worth reading and seeing...

Nancy Snyderman is on MSNBC right now, pretending to have a legitimate discussion and "debate" about the "Death Panel "issue...So instead I am suggesting that people watch the Jon Stewart Video attached to this Post...( I have no idea WHY CNN and MSNBC during the day seem to perpetuate and enable this foolishness....)

Betsy MacCaughy was on Jon Stewart and she is the person who looked at HR3200 and decided that it was full of things to Fear. And somehow she misinterpreted one section to mean that Doctors would decide who lives and dies ? And hence the birth of the "Death Panel " Crapola that has now been spread across the country like fresh manure. The part of the bill that she is talking about ? There is a section of the Bill that is allowing Physicians and Medical People the provision and the ability to discuss End Of Life issues with patients and families, and that it be compensated as a necessary part of care.

( if anyone is interested, it is page 425 of the Bill and if Betsy had spent less on time on her hair she would have had time to put a Post IT on the page, It starts in Line 1 about Advance Directives and goes through to goes through "Advance Care Consultations", the bill in ONE page is very clear and concise in WHAT is being offered.)

As a Nurse that has worked ER, PICU and Hospice, I never even batted an eye at this part of the bill. I recognized that it is an issue that has never been fully addressed and or compensated. Most of the time if a family has a family member that is suddenly ill or in critical condition it requires meetings with the doctor to address these issues, and often the Doctor does this Pro Bono meeting and talking with the family and explaining things like, NO CODE status, or even Living Wills. The concept that this would be added to the bill and paid for as a plan of care, frankly I thought was brilliant, Proactive thoughtful Compassionate Care.

Anyways, Jon has a conversation with this well dressed misguided well pearled Simpleton....Do Watch the video that is part of the Huffington Post article. If you have trouble loading the video at the Huffpost site linked to the title, the Video Links are below ( thanks Jill for finding working links).

VIDEO Part Two ::::
Part Two


enigma4ever said...

guess who lost their board job today ?



D.K. Raed said...

EK & I have been calling her "Betsy Wetsy" cuz she urinates on health care reform. Hated the way she mugged for the Daily Show audience. Her exposure as a dangerous lying tool by Stewart had to have contributed to her firing today. Good job, Jon!

I will never understand how the deathers have confused end-of-life care with mandatory-death. Private insurance denial of medical treatment has contributed to more death than any end-of-life care ... but I see you posted that below. Sigh ... how to talk sense to sick minds ... I'm beginning to think it can't be done and that is a very depressing thought.