Thursday, August 20, 2009

Barney Franks BIG Town Hall meeting is On Cspan now- wow turn it on...

This Town Hall Meeting was on cspan yesterday the 20th, I sat down to watch with my son, 6-6,and I was stunned, it was not what I expected at all. On the cable stations all week they have been running a clip of a girl with an Obama Hitler poster asking really strange questions, which frankly I had ruled out as a random crazy moment. I also have always viewed New England as reasonable, calm and sensible. This meeting was none of those, it was a meeting filled with Misplaced Anger and Bad Manners and made no sense. People yelling out at odd moments and asking questions out of context and others full or rage and hate....If you can I reccomend that you take a look at it...and tell me WHO are these people ? and also tell me are you seeing this where you live ? And why is it that we are having to Struggle to have a sane civil discussion about Health Care ?

Cspan is now going to have the Town Hall Meetings on their Channels and archived as well, also Citizen Tube on Youtube is going to have the Town hall Meetings and Footage.

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