Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Healthcare Battle Update August 19th: Fight for Healthcare for 50 Million Americans Continues

1000's getting Free Needed Medical Care at the RAM Medical Event this week in LA at the Forum. The RAM Medical Event at the Forum shows WHY a Public Option is Essential....Do you need to know WHO to call about the Public Option? ALL Contact Info linked in the Post in the Title. ( LA Times great article about the RAM event)
I will continue these Healthcare Battle Updates Daily, and this will be the main focus here at Watergate Summer. So please do scroll down if you need to see what went on yesterday. So Tuesday was a wild and wooly night, 8PM it was all over the Internet and Twitter that Robert Reich was calling for a September 13th March On CD for the Public Option ( and no he has never organized such a thing before, but he was willing and ready, read more here about his efforts and his concerns.) ( and for anyone who did not know this, Robert is a blogger, and this is his latest post on this mess...)
So finally at 10 PM last night some definite progress was being made This NYT article has more about the DEMS going the Health Care Reform alone....finally.
And even the WSJ is reporting it, Saying that Obama will shift focus to the Moral Imperative...
And at 10 PM CNN with Breaking News on AC 360 Ed Henry came on and said that the Whitehouse and the Dems are ready to go it alone on Health Care Reform. ( Video is not on CNN site,but it is on Daily KosTV site, Here, and was working at 3AM)
Dems rally at Caucus meeting, Suddenly behind the Public Option full force....Finally. And yesterday I reported that Pelosi finally came out strongly pushing for the Public Option in a meaningful way.
If you have not seen this, you need to, during a particularly strange Town Hall Meeting Barney does a great job confronting a absurd nutjob,
Barney Franks Town Hall:

IF you have seen any of the Gibberish about the Co-OP idea that Conrad and Sebelious were busy jabbering about, it is an ill formed embryo of an idea, that is not really feasible or practical. It is not meant to be used for a Large Nationwide Health Care Crisis, Conrads plan really is not something that could enable 50 Million people to get Healthcare. It at most would provide care for 12 Million and would ONLY provide basic Medical Care for Healthy People, it would be inadequate for Major Disease or illness. WSJ covers it here.
Bill Moyers Does the RAM Medical Event in LA, and shows How Significant OUR HealthCare Crisis is in this Country.... ( earlier in the week I blogged about the Medical Event in LA where thousands lined up for medical care waiting in lines for hours, you can read more about that event here and learn about the care they provided for 8 days straight.
Healthcare Debate needs to be totally reshaped and redone, great article about Jonathon Alter, excellent read that breaks it all down.
Really good post by Anderson Cooper about WHO does and Does Not have Health Insurance.
Other News, Andrew Sullivan is collecting "Sickbed Stories" for the Daily Dish where is showing American's Stories about their Experiences with Getting Healthcare and Insurance etc. ( Nightmares ) But do read his post on it, it really is amazing, and yes , sad.
If you are trying to educate people about the Healthcare crisis and about the HR3200, here is a link that breaks it down in a way that is simple and uncomplicated, it is even in Easy Eye print if you want to print out.
And if ANYONE needs to learn more or be convinced that there is a way to fix this, do read Thom Hartmans' Letter posted over at Common Dreams, Cookie Jill posted this at Skippy's and it really is an amazing letter he wrote to President Obama.
FIREDOGLAKE has a place where you can sign up, to be involved with the Fight For the Public Option. ( and do also go tell Jane Hamsher how wonderful she did on MSNBC this week).
For Anyone that says we don't have a growing Healthcare Crisis, we do, and here is one reason why. 14,000 people a day are losing their healthcare. Please do look at this map and it clearly shows the UnEmployment Map and it shows where the UnEmployment is spreading, when you look at this map please also think of all the families are losing their healthcare and access to care.
Final Thought , People have been asking How many actually die per year without healthcare or insurance, this link
has more and it is grim, over 100,000 people died in the past 8 years, and up to 22,000 per year.
page 1 of Urban Institute report:
"The absence of health insurance creates a range of consequences, including lower quality of life, increased morbidity and mortality, and higher financial burdens. This paper focuses on just one aspect of this harm—namely, greater risk of death—and seeks to illustrate its general order of magnitude. In 2002, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) estimated that 18,000 Americans died in 2000 because they were uninsured. Since then, the number of uninsured has grown. Based on the IOM’s methodology and subsequent Census Bureau estimates of insurance coverage, 137,000 people died from 2000 through 2006 because they lacked health insurance, including 22,000 people in 2006."

CDC data is here, from 2004/2005, compiled 2006, still researching this, as it is not matching the numbers in the Health Care Proposals Per State, Here is the link.
Please do follow me on twitter as "watergatesummer" and do email me if you have updates,enigma4everATearthlinkDOTnet,Thank you for all that you do, keep calling and emailing etc. It is helping this battle . I am still compiling the data from the RAM Medical Event, if anyone has more on that please do contact me, the Final RAM LA Medical event update will be up later tonight. Thanks for all that you do.
"Pray for the dead, but Fight like hell for the Living." Mother Jones. 50 Million People are worth Fighting for.....


enigma4ever said...

FB account has been disabled after I posted the Mortality stats of UnInsured, within minutes.

So if you want to get news to me, there is email and also twitter at "watergatesummer", thanks.

enigma4ever said...

I am watching the WH presser...I am as confused as ever,....Gibbs is now backtracking won't commit to Public Option, and saying that it bi-partisan, and then
Helen pressed over and over...nada..

Gibbs agrees with Grassley- he just said ????what ???

Both parties have to support this ???

he is being vague and laxadazical...
I don't get it....

what about the Dems going it alone...

D.K. Raed said...

These are excellent links and refs. To me it all comes back to what Michael Moore said in his movie ... is this the best we as can do? We are supposed to be the light of the world, the beacon of hope, but we throw our people into a health nightmare navigating between insurers who deny claims for any/no reason, Hosp ERs, and these RAM type health fairs that always have to turn people away because so many show up that have no other access to medical care. Is this the best we can do?

ps, I saw Helen had out her pen to write down exactly what Gibbs was saying today, but he was zigging and zagging!

enigma4ever said...

she really tried- and he was swarmy...that is the best I can was not good..but she really did try..thanks for 2...

We have to keep at it..this is a battle..for sure..

enigma4ever said...

CDC recently released two new reports updating national health insurance data.

Health insurance coverage improves access and quality of medical care and can contribute to the overall health of Americans. According to 2005 data from the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey and the National Hospital Ambulatory Care Survey1,

SOURCE: National Health Interview Survey, 2006
• The visit rate for patients with no insurance was about twice that of those with private insurance in emergency departments.

• Conversely, patient visits to physician offices were higher for individuals with private health insurance compared to those with no insurance.

Other recent data on health insurance from the National Health Interview Survey2show slight increases in uninsured adults:

• In 2006, 14.8 percent of Americans, or 43.6 million, were currently without health insurance.

• Among working-age Adults (those ages 18-64), 19.8% did not have health insurance in 2006, an increase in the percent uninsured from 18.9% the year before.

• Approximately 9.3% of children under the age of 18 did not have health insurance in 2006, a non significant increase in the uninsured from 8.9% in 2005.

Data from 20063also show differences in percentage uninsured by race and ethnicity:

• Almost a third (32.1 percent) of Hispanic people were uninsured when interviewed in 2006.

• While 10.4 percent of non-Hispanic white persons and 15.9 percent of non-Hispanic black persons were uninsured when interviewed.

A person was defined as uninsured if he or she did not have any private health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), state-sponsored or other government-sponsored health plan, or military plan. A person was also defined as uninsured if he or she had only Indian Health Service coverage or had only a private plan that paid for one type of service such as accidents or dental care.

To learn more about other topics, visit the Data and Statistics page for more survey data, tools, and other resources from across CDC.

More Data and Statistics

For more health insurance statistics, please see:

Fran said...

I don't know what to make of all this.
I don't need convincing of the dire need-- but I am starting to feel really discouraged with all the damned money flowing into Congress' pockets from the wealthcare profiteers.

enigma4ever said...

I know...I am sharing this data with others...sometimes it is needed to make a point...and help show the problem...

I think this is going to be quite a slog...sorry..