Friday, August 29, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Gaining Speed and Strength, Click the Title, Weather Underground, Best Weather Updates Available

We should keep an eye on Gustav- it is headed towards NOLA and the Gulf Coast according to the trajectory...And Ironically it is headed there right when the REPUGS have their Convention, I mention this because it will be hard for any of us or them to Forget Bush and the Katrina Failure if it hits next week at the Same Time.....and once again Bush and McCain would be Eating Cake Together?

(For three years I have used the Weather Underground Site to track ALL storms and weather. This site combines ALL data with Aerial and Sattelite imaging.By Sunday this storm should reach the Gulf....Guard in the Gulf are preparing and looking at Evacutations...or so we are told. Click the title or go to the Blogroll to see the Weather Underground...for more info).
Originally posted 8.28.08

UPDATE::: 2 PM Friday 8.29.08
It is still headed to the Gulf Coast, it should be a Cat3 by the time it hits the Gulf, this is so worrisome, the Levees have ONLY been upgraded to Cat 3 protection ( so they are not even tested or sure if the upgrades will hold under these kinds of Surges.)
It is now off Jamica, it is moving at 70MPH, there was damage in Jamica. Should be a CAT 2 when it hits Cayman Islands. Still a very wide Cone.

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enigma4ever said...

Gov.Jindal has issued warning- 3000 Guard ordered up- and if it comes within 60 hours of NOLA- it will be issueing Evac orders..No Dome orders this time ( unclear then WHERE and HOW people are to evac if they have NOWHERE to go ?)....

( It is currently off Jamica- moving at increased speed with 70 MPH winds..the concern is that it will reach Hurricane3 level before it hits shores.. of NOLA and Gulf)