Friday, August 29, 2008

Monitoring Gustav Updated at 2PM Friday

Note it is increasing speed,and should not hit by Late Sunday Night Early Monday, please note the Cone of Uncertainity- has now sadly become the Cone of Irony....on the anniversary of Katrina.

I will update in this thread over the next 24 Hours.
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  • 2PM Update:::
    Jindal has ordered Guard up- atleast 2000 to be there today. ( Footnote- NOLA was given 400 the first 5 Days of Katrina).
    Evacuation Orders have begun.

    Thom over at the blog linked below was living in NOLA during Katrina, he has an interesting story...and Updates this week about the Situation there. He sent me a really great up to date link from a radio station in New Orleans.
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  • **((( For any that don't know me, I have to warn you - I blogged the hell out of Katrina- I worked Red Cross- disaster preparedness, and had FEMA training..I take Disasters very I will be blogging this ALL weekend...but Gustav is trouble- esp with Hannah behind it building pressure.)))***


    Fran said...

    The republicans are thinking of postponing their convention. The last thing they need is to be having speakers yammer on at the podium about how inexperienced the dems are while the Gulf Coast is being pummeled by another major catastrophic hurricane.
    Gustav has done damage in Haiti (51 dead), and 8 deaths in the Dominican Republic.
    Oil companies are pulling workers from the offshore oil rigs (hello again high gas prices).

    Sadly there are 4,300 people living in FEMA trailers from the 2005 Katrina hurricane, and 2,800 living in makeshift gvmnt cottages in Mississippi. Those people will be evacuated first.

    Meanwhile tropical depression Hannah is brewing NE of Puerto Rico.


    I sure hope NOLA does not get hit again.
    They have not yet recovered from the 2005 hurricane.

    At least people will take this seriously & evacuate.

    Wherever it hits, FEMA had better do a better job of responding this time.

    I just read the current path has NOLA dead center, but who knows, once it hits the Gulf, if winds will shift. Just read it could be a CAT 4 or 5.


    Ingrid said...

    I always feel slightly guilty when I get excited about the possibility of a hurricane; I just think hooray, could we finally get some more rain here in Central TX? I do realize that there always are possibilities for death and destruction, but the possibility of rain, even from the periphery is something i cannot help but look forward to. However, dh and I think this might hit lake Charles and not new orleans..let's hope. That's all they need!



    enigma4ever said...

    Thanks Ingrid::
    I hear ya...but this looks grim..I dont know about how ready the Gulf really articles below...

    sigh..we will see eh?

    thanks...yup...not good..we shall see- a Repug organizer said the Convention is still on..okay...fine...

    enigma4ever said...

    4PM Friday:::
    as of Friday Afternoon Parrishs are starting to evacuate Voluntary Evac orders, and also seeking transportation for ill and infirmed.
    StCharles, St.Barnard, and St.Tammany and Jefferson, and Grand Isle are all beginning Evac Procedures...

    Jindal and the Mayor of NOLA may issue Evac Orders official for NOLA starting late tonight - or early friday am...

    enigma4ever said...

    11:40 PM
    storm has increased...CAT4 perdicted by sun....will hit monday...