Saturday, August 30, 2008

RNC Convention Land is a Police State : Click the Link to learn HOW bad it is...


Substitute Teacher said...

The MSM should be covering this. THe hypothetical scenario goes like this: If Storm Troopers were to show up on the street of any typical American city and begin arresting people they claim are potential rioters, would the news media be interested? If those same Storm Troopers were to go into the homes of the people to confiscate their books, political pamphlets and computers, would that be of any interest to the local or national TV news producers? Or to local newspaper editors and reporters?

Now it is no longer a hypothetical. It is actually happening, Nazi style, in an American city. The police are practicing "preventive detention," in advance of the Republican convention.

And it is not making headlines. It will not make headlines until they begin arresting reporters.

We all need to be writing letters to the editors of our local newspapers and news directors of local TV. We need to be contacting the three major networks, urging them to cover this vital story. This is the face of fascism, and it should not go unnoticed.

Incidentally, this has got to have been directed from the top. This has Republican party fingerprints all over it. The Republicans have become a paranoid, authoritarian organization using the power of the federal government to subvert the Constitution in so many ways. This is just the latest.

If they will deploy law enforcement officers to do their bidding here and now, we must expect that they will do all they can to steal the election in November.

Anonymous said...

Well guys, it did not help matters when Rage Against The Machine announced last week that they would burn down senate office buildings if Obama was elected and he sent troops to Afghanistan.

Which pissed me off, of course he is going to send troops to Afghanistan, he has already said he would to clean up this crap Bush has got us into over our eyeballs.

So, where was RAM 7 years ago, and why didn't they issue this same alert to Bush THEN?

In addition, if you've been watching, a newly invigorized SDS has been making comments that they would shut down the Rethugs convention.(It's not clear if they are working with RAM or not)

Okay, ream me if you want, but this posturing and chest beating with reactive measures from the GOP is I'm afraid going to make it look very very bad for the Barack camp.

In addition, RAM kicks off their "happenings" with a color guard of Iraq Vets Against The War, I do not know what faction they are coming from because there are several Iraq Vets Agaisnt the War Groups.

Anyways, these guys come on pretty strong - don't think I don't emphasize with their anger because I do - still, this gestrue is very intimidating to dummy America. Immediately they start thinking, oh my god, anarchy, freeze, and flock over to McCain to save them.

Security was very very tight in Denver because of threats, and I think this might be in part, the security you are seeing at the GOP's gathering is a reaction to these threats from RAM.

And, don't put it past anyone, because I saw with my own little eyes how the Haight was infiltrated with dope back in 1967. Maybe RAM and other radical groups have been infiltrated by the likes of KKKRove with folks pressing for incindiary tactics just to make Barack look bad. I know that sounds paranoid, but who knows, these people (the Bush criminals) are desperate and will do anything to maintain control.Fear can be manipulated so many different ways.

I sent RAM a message blog, but no response.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typos. I just got up from a nap....

Anonymous said...

Oh and something else, my husband just reminded me referring to Rage Against the Machine comments: " don't tell people what you are going to do."

That's right.