Thursday, August 06, 2009

DNC FINALLY HAS AN AD AGAINST THE RIGHT WING CRAP....PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE... is not a bad ad...BUT I do not support ANYONE being told to call the GOP- and as someone that has dealt with MANY trolls and Rethugs over the years- I don't reccomend calling them, they would be able to store our numbers etc....
I posted this over at Bob Cesca's Blog tonight...about Organizing to Fight back....Here are My Ideas...and they are just ideas.
( so son studies film/photos carefully- he has noticed that the same people are showing up in the videos- Keep Filming people- I think we will be able to prove down the road that they are paid usual...)

We have to strategize what to do to fight back:

Here are my suggestions:
(1) IF this kind of thing erupts where you are sitting at a meeting- MOVE do not even sit quietly by them- moving is a way of isolating them and their fury.

(2) if you go with a group - organize yourselves to shout back
"Healthcare for ALL" and drown them out ( it worked at the Notre Dame Obama speech).

(3) The Organizers have to start Starting with a Witness part where real people tell their stories- it will Shame some of this Activity..

(4) get Young people involved and college students...we need to get stronger Dem Crowds, and we need Someone to monitor the Parking lots and get footage or photos of Where they are from- and is there a Bus.

(5) get photos and video- to also prove the Bus Theory...but also to identify them- in case they are paid operatives.

(6) Organize..that means take printed materials and hand them out- if there are people are refusing to take materials then you also KNOW WHo are the trouble makers ahead of time- you can move people away from them....

(7) carry photos of people you know and love that don't have insurance.

(8) My 70 year old retired school teacher neighbor ( who is also black and wanted to know WHY all the videos show white nutjobs- and I had no answer) anyways she is going to carry her Bible and also ask them to their face- Are you really a Christian ? ( that is her plan)..brave lady...

so those are some of my ideas....cuz folks..these idiots are not going away.. we need a plan..


enigma4ever said...

Here are the RULES of Watergate Summer for ANY Trolls, paid or otherwise,

I don't allow Trolls, or rude or disrespectful comments. I have never allowed them for 5 years. It's my blog where I work very hard to encourage that people have a place to be edcuated on issues and also share their stories and perspectives.

And as an RN who has witnessed and is living through this Health Care Crisis, I will be blogging about it ....because Lives are at Stake.

If you come here spewing hate and false infor ( as any Glen Beckerheads have been encouraged to do) I will delete your Comments. Period.

enigma4ever said...
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Georgia Eliot said...

great work! I would add to the list...your comments title! Talk to everyone you run into - the hot dog man, the lady next to you in line at the grocery store...we don't know what will spark someone's curiosity to find out more.

enigma4ever said...

thanks..and yeah we need to talk to everyone...excellent thought...