Thursday, August 06, 2009

Fight Back Against the Insurance Lies....( Brave New Films)

BRAVE NEW FILMS is making these videos, with the Sick For organized effort is to make sure people have the facts and are educated...This first video is by Brave New Films, in it in under 6 minutes it explores Outrageous Multimillion Dollar Salaries of Insurance CEOs being given WHILE Families are being denied care- the Personal Stories of these Families are Haunting and Inspiring, and yes if you are not are not paying attention. Save the Facts and Names from this - Make Signs...make handouts for Meetings...SHARE the Video.
And MoveOn is also in on this Battle with "Shark Week"...


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the walking man said...

I got my end of life health care plan all set...when they say the word dying to me..fuck 'em I can start to get drunk again.

Until then I will do as I have been doing speaking one on one with the kids who spout off mom and dads lines as if they were gospel. I wonder how it is that so few who are so vocal retain the right to disrupt "civil discourse" when during the bush era protesters were firmly and swiftly removed from the room?

There is simply to god damned much money out there that could be spent on health care instead of protecting corporate profits.

And how the fuck was it that this nation ever developed an employee sponsored system in the first place. It is just another way to shackle them that provide the wealth to them who own the company to their empirical slavery.

yeah I will from this point be willingly called a goddamned socialist when it comes to health care for all.

Single payer government run health care with NO private options available to any class of people. Everyone in the same fucking pot from the president to the homeless veteran.