Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Georgia Russia Mess...VOA article ( Click the Title)

This is a good article that was of Voice of America, explains some of the Mess...and Confusion.( I am not blogging this because I am still trying to learn more). Originally posted 8.10.08

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Ingrid said...

well, don't by the crap of the current Georgia president..the US is in it knee deep as are Israeli interests.. it's kind of like the thing of 'don't mess in my backyard' like the US does/did in Latin America although that's a bit outside of the fence behind the backyard..
Anyhow..Georgia has been the aggressor probably assuming that the world's eyes were turned towards the Olympics AND figuring that it had American backing (they've been preparing for this for a while)..
this is not an apology for Russia, but in this case, there is no good guy either and it definitely is not the Georgian president who's been heavy handed ever since he took over..the Georgian people are just as oppressed and do not have free speech and Human Rights Watch has made observations of torture and naturally the US should be in cahoots with them; the enemy of my enemy is my friend! (arabic saying)