Wednesday, August 13, 2008

McCain's Foreign Advisor Aided Georgia ( yeah that one),Click the Title

Interesting this would break on the weekend....too bad McGramps is on vacation every weekend.(.Anyone else getting slammed with his ads this weekend ?) ,.....I would love to see if any of the Punditheads talk about this ?{originally posted 8.10.08}


Ingrid said...

just hat tipped you and added some info from the Guardian's newsblog... I seem to get a lot of 'googlers' (mostly non Americans, figures) checking out 'Ossetia and oil'..well, gee.

anyhow..hope to drop by later if time permits..



enigma4ever said...

Well howdy there..
you mentiion oil and I bet half the world stops by...wanting to know if it is in THEIR backyard ;-)

good you are getting visitors though ;-)

thank you for the hat tip...lovely...