Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Morning....Another Stay- Cation

Harpers Ferry ~C.W.Cushman 1938
Since I am not going anywhere this summer I will continue the Virtual Travel Series here...We have done Cape May, Cape Cod, Sanibel Island, the Pacific Northwest and parts of California...So today is Harpers Ferry. I have not been there since I was a Nursing Student in the early 80's. I used to go to the Shenendoah Valley with friends to hike,raft or wander the Blue Ridge Mountains.

This little town is full of History and located on the side of a mountain, or really big hill, depending on how you look at it. And it is full of these little wanding streets with houses built right to the street. And it does have this incredible light in the summer.

I went with a Friend, and it was a bit of a disaster, but it is still one of my favorite places. ( Disaster ? well, we went to meet my best friends "pen pal/boyfriend",a Clandestine Ron-e-vue, except everytime she left the diningroom, he asked for my number, and then we got food poisoning, and then we stayed in an Old Inn that was Kinda Haunted.So we got the Trots, my friend did not get The MAN,he went off to his own private room...and to top it off,she thought I was banging on the wall all night (yeah she thought Someone was banging Someone, that is how noisy the Mystery Noise was , but we could not Locate THE Noise ), I wasn't banging anything, except getting to admire the old timey porcelain facilities....We drove home at 4am and gave up on The Inn and her "Man-t--be", we never saw her heart-throb again).But both of us did definently have some newly defined opionions about Ghosts.And one was more scared than the other.....

But I would still go back many times. And I know exactly where this shot was taken- even though I was there over 40 years after it was originally taken. It's full of History, there is some great food and amazing views...and High Rocks to go sit on and Think...or wander the Old Buildings and think of Another Time.It is a quiet place, smells like ginger cookies and baked potatoes and rootbeer.But the Quiet is embracing, not isolating. I was struck that this photo captures the Quiet, that it also captures the Light that it possesses, much like an Edward Hopper Painting.

How about you - are you taking a Stay-Cation ? or Thinking of taking one? Going Close to Home or just staying home ?
So speaking of THINKING....
So Obama is on vacation, and if you are a supporter and you can be notified by TEXT when he chooses his VEEP. WHO will it be? What is your best hunch.....6-6 thinks Biden... I have no idea...What do you Think ?
Wisdom for the Day:
"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane." -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
( I am starting a Health Blog....stay posted...later in the week...but the other reason I mention this is because I think vacations should be a part of any good Health Plan....)
Have a good day ...back later...Some new thought food up below. Click the Title if you want to learn more about Harpers Ferry.


Cart said...

So I had to Google this - of course, John Brown.
And that is two blog references to the 'trots' today. Is there something in the water?

Christopher said...

We've been to Toronto this summer to see the Yankees (lose) and we're going to the massive NY State Fair at the end of the month in Syracuse because we love scary rides and then possibly Darian Lake their last weekend in September, again for the insanely scary rides and that's it.

No huge vacations this year.

Once Jim is done and working as an RN and we buy a house, then we're talking about 10 days in South Africa (Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, the wine country) and a car trip to Victoria Falls. But that's a lot of coin.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who will be the V.P. pick, but I'll be glad when that's done so the media can start to tear down that person too.

It's all about McCain.

Has anyone mentioned that he's a war hero lately?

Christopher said...

Has anyone mentioned that he's a war hero lately?

The Viet Cong procured Saigon hookers for Johnny whilst he was a POW. He didn't have it as bad as his fictional autobiography claims.

And that's a fact.

Gryphen said...

I am very rational person but I also have my own ghost story. I don't tell it often because I am A VERY RATIONAL PERSON.

I keep hearing that the Obama VP choices are Bayh, Kaine, or Biden.

If those are truly the choices then I would have to go with Biden. I think he brings much more to the table then do the others.

Christopher said...

I agree 100%.

If it's those three, Biden helps Obama most. Bayh is a milquetoast, Clinton-loyalist at heart and Kaine is a social conservative who has real issues with LGBT people.

If Obama goes with Kaine, I will be very pissed and my support will drop off.

Blueberry said...

I get no vacation, so it's just plain "Stay (and work)". I only get an occasional day off. Luckily, I like where I am, even though it would be nice to go somewhere sometime, especially since we've had 45 or more days this year that were 100 degrees or hotter. I would consider it a vacation if it cooled down, and it won't do that for another 6 weeks at least.

an average patriot said...

I am pretty luck! I was vacationed out when my sons were young having to go to Maine for a week! Vacations are nice I guess but I have done everything I want to do. Now I just reminisce and I am on vacation so I always feel like I am on vacation.
I have to go to Florida in December so I can drive back to Mass with one of my sons. We will stop in Charleston to see one of his brothers on the way before he redeploys to Iraq.
I probably told you but I think Hagel would be an interesting choice but I really do not have a clue. I understand also that he should announce before the convention!
You know, even with the gross inequalities on every level today MLK good very well be right today too! Take care!

Joanne said...

I did a recent post on my staycations. It's a different take on the word - we go to the same cottage, same beach, same place, same time, every summer. It has literally STAYed the same. I'm thankful for the peace there I can count on each year. Thanks for the virtual tour!

D.K. Raed said...

Oh, I'd love to be leaving for a New England vaca soon! (sigh) maybe next yr. We've been stuck, but trying to plan a little trip now, probably heading north to escape the 100+ temps. Hard to believe in a couple more months I'll be freezing in the winter wind.

About VP, I no longer have a clue. All the ones mentioned have strong points & weak points. Why does it have to be a current politician at all? I sure hope it isn't Kaine. If it has to be someone from VA, I like Warner or Webb better. People have talked about Rendell to deliver PA. Or Sam Nunn for GA. Funny, no one's talking about Richardson anymore. Bayh? I dunno, he doesn't provide much excitement, but it might be good to let Obama keep providing his own excitement. There is Jack Reed (I guess). Hagel? I don't think so, not for VP. Wasn't there some military guy (Gen'l Jones?) being talked about at one point? Well, as I said, I've got no clue.

Ingrid said...

oh blueberry you're depressing me!! We've been having a stay cation for the most part and it's two weeks until the kids go back to school..that's vacation enough for me, peace and quiet and regular Blueberry mentioned..we've had so much heat lately.. I'm staying inside during the day more and more only to resurface in the early evening to go to the pool..I'm sick of it..if it gets cooler,'ll be perfect here!! (Austin TX)..


Dean Wormer said...

Beautiful picture.

We went on pseudo vacation last week. Camped but also went to work. I had the weirdest experience of sitting by a campfire at 5:30 a.m. in my slacks and oxford drinking coffee and thinking about work when a doe and her two fawns came into our campground and walked right up to me.

I was thinking "in two hours I'm going to be in a professional office and right now I'm staring at Bambi's mom."

enigma4ever said...

ahhhh don't you love a moment like that? I hope you offered her some coffee :-)

I am so sorry about your heat...I have been trying to post COOL art for you...damn that is just toooo much heat....ahhh kiddies back to school- yup soon enough...

I have no clue about the Vp...I have even given up trying to figure it long as it is someone that he can work with- NOT this stuff about wining ONE has to be a trustworthy good person...I don't know diddly about Kaine- I wish I did...but I don't think that is the long as it is NOT another Cheney ...or anything like that...and then as long as it is NO Drama...I am tired of all the Theater of it...

oh, I love the way you describe a Stay Cation...very cool and very soothing...a ritual....nice...

yeah..time with your sons...that is a vacation..surely....and hmm, Hagel- I don't know....I do think that he might be in Obama's Cabinet- that would not surprise me at all....

you do need some time off...but atleast you do get to share some of other your adventures...I am so sorry about the Heat...

enigma4ever said...

More responses::::
yeah..6-6 and I are rooting for Biden or even Richardson...I don't know much about Kaine- that alone bothers me- so now that you share that- no that is not cool...and you did make me laugh about the McGramps...oye...

so Toronto- did you see Detroit's mayor ? jus kidding....about South would be some kind of trip...

you are too funny....and yes, I linked the site about Harpers Ferry for you...I forgot to tell people that...sorry....hmmm, trots..well.,...there has been alot of contaminated food troubles...some day we will come see you..Down Under...

ooooohhh you have a ghost story.,..well that would be something we must hear at some point.....( I am not sure if mine is a REAL ghost story....might have just been methane in the pipes- but I will never know....the INN burned down years later...)hmmm, Biden eh ? interesting..

well there you go making me laugh with heromaverickassholeshit ....omg...the MSM scoops it out by the hour don't they ????lord....McManCrush...