Thursday, August 07, 2008

So once again the MSM is feeding us Lies about the McCain Crowds....The INVISIBLE crowds.

Has anyone else been puzzled about the MSM and how they mollycoddle the McGramps ? They word the articles about "crowds " showing up to greet him or crowds at the Events and Rallies, yet when I watch the news or read the papers the PHOTOS do not present that way. What I see are shots that are a peculiar angles and never FULL shots of the audience, and the cameras at his events never show LINES of people waiting or if they pan the Venue they limit the range and angle so the EMPTY seats are not visible.So I decided to test my theory that Something was Fishy or is the MSM even serving as the Biggest Propaganda Advertizing tool ever ?

So I went on the Internet and looked for McCain and CROWD photos, I went through hundreds of photos. And for the past 16 monthes , I found NO Waiting LINE Photos for him at all....NOT One. Then I looked the CROWD photos....there really are not any. All of the photos are shot to limit the scope and range. Some of the photos it is obvious that the "crowd" is blurred , with just some faces behind him. And then Other photos I found on a repug blog- it showed how ALL the people are shoved into a small area so that it could be filmed as a :"large" crowd. The person who blogged it was not happy how they were squished and made to stand as Photo Tools, when he had come to sit and hear a speech. ( This photo was in the MW and a planned event at a large auditoreum....NOTE all the empty seats). This is what staged Propaganda looks like.

McGramps keeps complaining like a jealous school boy about Obama's HUGE crowds, says that makes him a "Celebrity". No, My Friends , that makes him a LEADER.It means that people come to see this person that inspires and speaks to the Future and they come to listen and learn. He is the most inspiring New leader we have had in over 30 years.....and yes, the photos prove it...without manipulating the Camera Angle or consulting with Propaganda Experts.

WIlkes Barre Pa. "Crowd" of less than 400 in an auditoreum that was supposed to have 1000 show up. This is From July 2008. Feel the Excitement ? So if you find some REAL crowd photos of his events please do send them to me. Here in Ohio, all that he has had are Staged INVITE only "Town Hall " meetings, and even local media has had trouble getting access or taking photos inside the events. There are no Public Rallies or Events. Some of the Dinner Events that were too expensive have been moved to smaller locations and turned into "lunch " events.


Lydia Cornell said...

Good point Enigma. I hate to say it, but yes, you are right - this is MSM propaganda.

I found an article on a Butterfly website, and I thought it might be about you.
I'll post it in a sec.

Keep the hope going.

Lydia Cornell said...

Enigma (I don't want to use your real name here.) Could this letter be about you? I found this on a spiritual website:

"This story goes out to a women I once met on line, and what she said, or didn't, stays very close in my heart.

Her story touched me so close to my heart I really can not convey. How she can remain so strong, she amazes me. I will have to say that I admire her so much. I have tried to look for her online and have not been able to find her. I really want her to know that she has given me so much strength to carry on, that I would like to give even just a little back to her.

ButterflyMom, you have given me so much, that you do not even realize. I had basically given up. How you dealt with what you had to do is just so far beyond what I would ever thought I could ever do.

If I remember right your son was 5, and that you raise horses,and that you are a nurse. I really do admire you and I really feel for you. I think that you are a really great person, and your son would be really proud of you. I have to thank you for when you email me. I wish the best for you, and comfort when you can find it.

I wish you peace. Love, Rhonda

enigma4ever said...

Wow...thank you for posting that...I have no idea if it is me....but I appreciate that you thought of me,...( there are some coincidences...that is for sure...).

these posts are about McGramps- but there is more hope below- do read the one from the 4th about Synergy...I thought of you when I wrote it ;-)

Also do scroll July....I have some great shots up of my garden , porch etc...esp the last two weeks of July...I finally figured out how to post my phone photos....

Hope all is well- and your vacation was good ;-)

thanks again..many hugs..

Ingrid said...

I mentioned in a comment on Scholars and Rogues (check them out, google) that if McCain behaved this way in Europe, the media would've decimated him and his campaign..for European tastes, this juvenile behaviour of the ads and flip-flops..AND the MSM's ignoring of all of that..gee..I feel a post coming on ([g])..well, if only I had time today..ha..17 days before school starts (the kids are home and I am counting down)



Anonymous said...

The Corporte media seems to be going out of its way to push McCain. Then they sit around and ask each other why, if Obama is so popular, isn't he polling better?


Missy said...

GOOD one.

Keep it up.

thepoetryman said...

Obama's HUGE crowds, says that makes him a "Celebrity". No, My Friends , that makes him a LEADER.


enigma4ever said...

yeah...a Leader...a REAL Leader...not a pretend one like Bush or McCramps...

yup....I will ..you2...

enigma4ever said...

oooops I was not done yet...
hit the wrong button...

MSM punitheads are causing me to spend way tooooo much on mylanta...idiots...well paid that they are...

sounds like a post indeed ;-)
Maybe I need to move to Europe...geezlawheez...I mean this has been good to know how Others are seeing him...and seeing our political mess....thanks for the input..

enigma4ever said...

Cottoncandied Brained PUNDIT Asshole Comment of the week:

Mike Barnicle sitting in for Hardballs:::
"well, mccain has "character", and not like the nitwit bloggers sitting there with their computers would know"


whelp I guess I will have to write yet another letter...gee...great....