Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday Ponderings : Pancakes, "Housecleaning" and Kitty Litter

~1938 C.W.Cushman Florida Coast -note the Blimp above,and amazing color~
There are places I would rather this photo...But here I am and it is Sunday, I will do what I do Every Sunday. I will make Pancakes, Clean House and Change the Kitty Litter. For most of the last 7.5 years of Hell that meant that I got up drank coffee and or stumbled to the nearest coffee house or yes, Starbucks and bought Sunday Papers and brought them home and also eyeballed the Sunday AM shows. I also confess that when Tim Russert died, I gave up the Sunday AM shows. And through the years I kind of gave up on the Papers, they were not worth it in the Long Run. ( Now I confess if I was still living in California I would still be buying the LA Times.) Now I read most my news Online, and that works for me.

I also bought the papers to use to line my Kitty Litter Pans and my rabbit Box.I told my son , it was a Green Thing to do.Besides the Pellets I use in my Kitty Litter Box are Recycled Newspaper, so it kind of makes sense to use Newspaper on the bottem of the pan. But alas the Thumper Bunny passed on to greener pastures ( he did live to almost 15 -so he indeed had a good life). And I used to sit and cut out or rip out the Right People to Line the Boxes. And it dawned on me, that just maybe if we continue to Clean House in DC, that I will continue to have less People to Line my Kitty Box. ( This Discussion started on yesterday's post when I was talking with Average American Patriot about Cleaning House in DC). But it got me thinking, we have LESS Scum in DC then we did have , I mean seriously we should make a list of those that have been removed....It's Pretty Extensive. Some of them have been voted out and Some have gone to jail.

Former Kitty Litter Well Honored Liners Include::: Alberto Gonazles, Rummy, Frist, Trent Lott,Tom Delay,Tom Ridge, Brownie,Santorum,George Allen,Fred Thompson,Denny Hastert, Foley,Rudy,Porter Goss,DeWine, Bob Ney,Christine Whitman,,,.....Now Obviously there are Many in DC that are still There and still lining my Box. BUT it got me thinking as troubling as this campaign season has been, a year ago NONE of us would have expected this Election Year to have the Faces at the Forefront that we have Now. A year ago the MSM Punditheads were telling us Daily that the Battle would be Hillary and Rudy , although they also were gushing with praise for Freddy Thompson and Mitt too- Remember??? So I know that Many are concerned that we are Not Progressive Enough....but ponder WHAT Change has A Year. That really is progress Folks....Seriously. And I have the Kitty Litter Box to Prove it.

So I am Off to Clean House...But Ponder This...WHO Else should we sweep out of DC or hell line My Kitty Litter Box ?

Pancakes and Sunday Music Below. I have a new post up over at Peace Tree this weekend....and also New Receipe on my Food Blog "Naked Sushi" tonight. Have a good Sunday....
Sunday Music : Is Jimmy Buffet " Come Monday" Great Video he introduces the Video and tells how the video was made.


D.K. Raed said...

Future cat litter liners will be the headlines of hauling these war criminals into the International Criminal Court: Bush, Cheney, Rummie, Rice, Condi, Gonzo, Wolfie, Feith, Addington, Yoo, Perle, etc/etc (that is kind of what I blogged about today). Until then, I guess the classified ad section will have to do.

an average patriot said...

Here you go Hon something to think about while you ponder:
Atre we talkking about the NFL, or one of the other sports leagues?
36 have been accused of spousal abuse. 7 have been arrested for fraud. 19 have been accused of writing bad checks.
117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses. 3 have done time for assault. 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit. 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges.
8 have been arrested for shoplifting. 21 currently are defendants in lawsuits, and 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year.

Can you guess which organization this is? Give up yet?
Neither,it's the 435 members of the United States Congress The
same group of Idiots that crank out hundreds of new laws each year
designed to keep the rest of us in line.
You do not have to wonder why we are in trouble! Those that think they are too good to get into Politics are doomed to be led by those who are not! Have a relaxing day, after cleaning and the Kitty box of course. Go out in your garden and ponder!

Larry said...

"All I know is that the show's not over until the curtain comes down, the lights go out, and everybody has left the theater."

Bob Herbert

enigma4ever said...

Patriot::: actually got the numbers !!!! too funny...I mean it is not all..but that you looked it up....geesus I think I need more Kitty litter ? more cats ? omg...

I spent the day yesterday working on my little storm battered garden...poor little oasis....and today it was DE-Mold the Bathroom and paint the bathroom- even the Ceiling....and NEW shower Curtains- great Domestic Excitement !!! ( my bathroom used to Prison Green and this creepy flesh color...and NOW it is Indigo Blue ( actually it is called "Evening in Paris", mellow plum, and Pumpkin, and Chick Yellow...and some white-hi gloss- so add it up - it is Now Beautiful....

enigma4ever said...

Hey Larry::
Once again the man with the Golden Quotes....that is perfect ;-)

Hey there...yeah,,,,I just told Patriot above I might need more cats ? or more Kitty litter ? oye....just to let you know that Bush and CHeney have always been Perfect to line my pan- and they will be when they get tried for War Crimes to find dinner..

Fran said...

I would think Ms. Pelosi has earned a kitty litter box positon herself. What a disgrace!
She has to go down in history as having obstructed justice.

I have to add Rove, Harriett Myers, the extreme right wing "Supremes" (supreme court justices). Scooter, Delay, Abramoff--- & let us not forget Larry wide stance Craig. (maybe was WANT TO FORGET HIM) but! why the heck is he still on the payroll? WE are paying his salary, benefits & pension package.
I'm surpsised his red state voters have not thrown the bum out.
Now I'm reaching back even further-- John Ashcroft. I'd like to take this opportunity to add the Diebold people too.

enigma4ever said...

Oh Fran....
that is a wonderful list...and to be honest most of them have indeed had Kitty Pan honors...just to reasure you they were always getting honored- I can not believe I forgot to name some of those....and yes Pelosi and AssCroft always had top honors..always..

Christopher said...

Today is Barack Obama's 47th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Barack!

Once he's sworn in, he will tie with Glover Cleveland as the 5th youngest president in history.

Cool, eh???

thepoetryman said...

I think it is a great benefit for you to line your boxes with certain pages and stories. What a great way to release the rage of crap, pun intended, that rushes past our eyes.

I hope soon you will either have to struggle with whom to line the poopers with and then begin to consider it just liner and nothing more. What a sweet day that would be!

an average patriot said...

Lou Dobbs show last night was on Crooks in Congress. It was really good and I wanted to use some of it today but had to do without it.
Hope you have your garden resuscitated! Congrats on the Bathroom sounds beautiful and you! Excellent! Hope all is well!

On a side note do you know anyone that uses word press and has EMail comment notification? It is for Robert Rouse! You have to be able to carry on a conversation!

enigma4ever said...

Hey there...thanks...sometimes we need a break from the crooks- so no is doing better...all set...Hmmm, word press- I think Christopher does...alot of folks- Suzie Q too....I have not been able to access Robert fully or only occasionally leave comments...we have to get him hooked up- definently..I thought it was just me...

yup nothing better than watching the Bunny throw turds on THE Turd Blossums face....hehe...yup....or Dick get pissed on my cat- I know it is rather immature of me....but what can I say......

thanks for the Reminder- I need to do a post for that later- thank you...and he is in Ohio today too ;-)

He may be young but he is much wiser than McCoots....

Be back in a bit;...have a good day folks...

X. Dell said...

(1) I wouldn't recommend eating pancakes while changing the kitty litter. There's a limit to multi-tasking.

(2) My condolences for the loss of Thumper Bunny. I'm kinda partial to rodentia myself. Rabbits used to be rodents, you know, just like Pluto used to be a planet.

(3) I guess I'm just too suspicious. When powerful people are arrested, I wonder one of two things. (1) Did they do something really awful that's being reduced in scope for the public? Or, (2) who gains from this person being out of the way.

My suspicion stems from an inkling that everyone at a certain level has to "play the game," and can be compromised rather easily. I myself wouldn't know if Washington's any cleaner or not these days, give or take a few dirty birds.

Mariamariacuchita said...

Well, one oldie but goodie is always Tom DeLay...he hasn't made it to prison yet.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

another reason u need a dog lol

landsker said...

Hullo, Thanks for that, apt, how the tales of the fallen end up as "Kitty litter".
Noticing the label "Less scum", reminded me of my nan, working in her kitchen making large pans soups and stews.
Along with my gramps, they managed a small tavern on the coast of Wales, where farmers, labourers and fishermen would eat and wash their cares with ale.
Newspapers would arrive sometimes, and one copy would be passed around dozens of hands, afterwards being crumpled and used to light the stoves.
We lived what would be termed nowadays as a "rural existence", with almost all of our food coming from within a few miles of home.
Fresh vegetables, and fish and game, many of the recipes involved "poaching" in both senses.
The stews would be cooked slowly, and every so often, nan would take a ladle, skillfully dipping across the surface of her work, removing the fat and froth, the "scum".
After removal, the scum would be jettisoned to the drains, and flushed back to "nature".
They both lived into their eighties, and certainly, natural scum-free food played an essential part.

Rabbits???, - a little voice in my head says to me, "No, don`t go there."

enigma4ever said...

now you need a food blog...omg that was amazing....and you made us all hungry or want to come see you ;-)

About the rabbits...we had rabbits over the years- George was the first- a retired Magician's bunny, a beauty of a Lop-he had excitability issues, and then there was Benny found the Christmas my son was 4 a huge 20 Pound New Zealand Wonder- docile, beautiful, and my son was so amazed that Santa sent such a gift- hand delivered by a neighbor because it was cold and her dogs were chasing it- and so he came to live in my son's room- and would sleep at his feet for the next 9 years... and then Thumper...first rescued from a Lab by schoolchildren, then abandoned in a garage, then to us..and he lived to a ripe old age after he traveled cross country with us...

( I do realize in the UK any of those fine litle critters would have been considered , well, stew...)

actually got a dog- a litttle yellow doggie..a Basneji....kinda deaf...but the sweetest thing in the world....

Maria Maria::: come he is NOT in jail ??? good question...

you always ask the best questions...and yeah..Nimber 3 has me thinking you like too..