Thursday, August 07, 2008

Yet Another MUST GET Book...Ron Suskind Book "Way of the World" hits shelves today...White House has fits...

I have attached more info to the title, actually Ron's Website. I think that all these books are Documenting Crimes....and possible Treason....150 witness interviews...His other book on this Regime " Price of Loyalty " was excellent.....this is bound to be just as good. WH calls it tabloid journalism....yet Suskind has won Pulitzers.

Keith Olbermann Interviews John Dean about the Criminal Implications of Suskind's book.

originally posted 8.5.08


Christopher said...

Gee, Speaker Pelosi, AKA, Bush's co-criminal conspirator, you think you have a "crime" now, the "crime" you said you needed to order the damned Articles of Impeachment?

Nah, won't happen. Bush is safe as long as Pelosi is there to protect him.

Gryphen said...

I haven't even finished reading Scott McClellan's book yet!

Oh well I will just have to stay of the computer for a while and finish up all of this reading.

Did anybody buy that?

enigma4ever said...

nahhhhhhh...right....I know there are too many...I am still on a waiting list at the Library for a bunch- most recently I am still waiting for the Prosecutor's book..and Dark Side....( yeah- a waiting list- hmmm, that is interesting isn't it...and everytime I go to the Library- it is packed...)

yeah- I think alot of people are not going to forgive her...BUT I also think if any crimes had been investigated...Bush would have pardoned them- just like Scooter..( I just realized I forgot to put Scoot on my Kitty Litter List).....I will never ever figure out why she lacked a spine...( if it had been Boxer- this would have been very very different...)

Christopher said...

Sen. Boxer is fearless and she has shown contempt for Bush.

Unlike Speaker Botox, who demurs, and defers and never misses a chance to show the party opposite how much she respects him.


enigma4ever said...

Boxer would also make an awesome veep too..

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree and admire Boxer, let's hope nothing happens to her. Boy, they sure have quieted this story down, infact, it seems to me that there has MORE coverage of Bush's denial than the original story.

You guys, this is really really scary and bad.