Saturday, August 16, 2008

Solar baby....TWO Huge Solar Plants planned for California

Wouldn't it be a good idea if ALL Sunny States looked into this- Nevada? Arizona? New Mexico ? Texas ? you catch my drift ....


Fran said...

There is a rumor the place my son works (that is shutting down-- a computer chip maker), may re emerge as a solar collector mfg place.

Germany has really embraced solar-- the gvmnt is doing major subsidies for private & business sectors to get solar panels.

Most places in the US could use solar for at least some of it's power- hot water heating etc... at least half the year, if not more.

Too bad the oil tycoons don't invest in this to make it affordable & make it a part of new building code requirements.

The oil companies should be made to invest back.

Glad to see us starting to see the light re solar. = >

enigma4ever said...

no kidding the Oily folks should have to give back- that would so rock....geez, and it is so obvious...I did not know about Germany- that is interesting...very..

oh well, I have a little bit of hope...