Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday Pancakes 8.03.08

I make the Best Pancakes, seriously, Everyone Knows it, my family, friends and neighbors. So enjoy....I use the Best Mix I can find, the flour has to be light and Not Clumpy- this is critical, and it has to be low Sodium, less than 20%.Belgian Waffle mix tends to have less Sodium and also works great.

2 cups Pancake Mix
2 eggs
NO FEAR Energy Drink -2 tablespoons
( it has just enough Fizzz to activate the Baking soda in the Mix,
Gingerale also works ....)
Brown Sugar- One tablespoon
Vanilla 2 tsps.
White Sugar-One tablespoon
Sour Cream -one tablespoon
Cream-two tablespoon
Water -half cup

Blend this all smooth, and creamy and then use an old teacup to pour pancakes in the pan,
they should be saucer sized....grease pan with Almond or Olive oil first, then use butter
between rounds of cakes....Never put the lid on- unless you want greasy cakes.And yes, Do
Use REAL Maple Syrup, Vermont is the best. Eat up..Happy Sunday.


an average patriot said...

Sounds great but how about some fruit? Yum!

D.K. Raed said...

it's embarrassing when your mouth starts drooling on your keyboard while reading a blog post! yummm

enigma4ever said...

Fruit is always good...just due to this Reflux ulcer thing I had to remove ALL fruit- berries, and peaches and oranges- but yes by all means fruit...

oh good I made you drool...good...( I am moving this one over to the Naked Sushi site tonight...)

X. Dell said...

Reading that recipe, they sound like the greatest pancakes in the world.