Saturday, September 05, 2009

Would Better Angels See 50 Million Need Healthcare? Its Time for TeddyCare.....It's Time.

(posted August 30th)
A Letter to Our Senators and Our Leaders....
It has been excruciating to say goodbye to Teddy...He was always there fighting for us, all of us in DC for over 45 years. I watched alot of the footage this week and I poured over Cspan and Youtube Footage.But by tonight I was sad and empty, and worried. I want to believe that Some One will step up and Fight for us. We are at a Critical Juncture with the Healthcare Battle, because this is no longer about Insurance Reform, it is about a Broken Healthcare System in this Country.

The Statistics Alone Should have All of You Banging your Fists and Fighting for Us.
When 50 Million People in a Modern Developed Country have No Access to ANY Healthcare, that is indeed a Crisis. When 14,000 people a day are Losing Healthcare, that is a Crisis. When 400,000 a month are losing care that is a Crisis. When 76% of ALL Bankruptcies are due to Medical Debt, that means literally 2000 people a day are Losing their Homes for their Health. When 22,000 People die Per year, that Means that During the Bush years more than 160,000 People died, with NO Healthcare.And more than 6 Million people lost their jobs this year, have any of you thought that maybe they don't have Healthcare ?

As People have shown up to Town Halls and stood in the Rain to see Teddy and say Goodbye, did you Look at THEM? Did you see their pale skin, tired eyes,lackluster hair, broken teeth, and worn out clothes ? Did you see how fragile people look ? Did you look in their eyes ? Did you see how much pain there is in those eyes? Eyes of people who can not take care of Children and Family Members ? The Pain that comes when people are choosing between Meds and Food,...It's Real.

I first Saw the Abandoned Tired Faces of Katrina, and my heart ached for the People of NOLA, but then over the past 4 years I began to see Those Same Tired Abandoned Worried faces everywhere, all over the Country. And now I realize the Truth, That Millions have been Katrinaed, Millions have been Told they Do NOT matter, that they are a Waste, that they are Invisible. Millions share this Shattering neglect....Katrina was just part of a much Bigger puzzle.

For Millions of us, the Public Option the way it is being Manhandled and Recrafted as a "Co-Op" will not help us. And for Millions of us we want to know WHY we are not good enough to qualify for the Care that Federal Employees or Elderly have ? Why are being offered Scraps and Leftover Ideas ? We don't need an " Exchange " or " Subsidies", or the chance to be rejected or turned down again, we Need Access to Care NOW. For Many of us we are Out of Time, and it is a Life or Death Situation. And we Don't know why DC can NOT and will NOT see That.

Our Country is in a Crisis, it is a crisis that we must face together. We need Our Government to Pass Laws Opening up Healthcare for All,it could be done creating a Public Plan For Everyone that Has Nothing, It is Not Fair to only offer VA Benifits and Medicare and Medicaid to SOME, when Millions have Nothing. Please Create a Universal health Plan, you could even expand Medicare and it would not be costly. And Please Name if for Senator Edward Kennedy, he fought for this for over 40 Years. Call it TEDDYCARE.

March 4th 1861 President Lincoln said this at his 1st Inaugeral Address to a Broken Shattered Country as he ended his address.He was appealing to People to listen to their Better Angels.......
"I am loath to close. We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battle-field, and patriot grave, to every living heart and hearth-stone, all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature."

I am asking you to Find and Listen to Your Better Angels...and to Keep a Promise to Teddy. I am asking you to do What is Morally Right.... I am asking for a Bill to Provide Healthcare for All and Call IT TeddyCare.

And I realize that I will be now at this point grateful if we get a Public Option....

Signed An UnInsured Nurse.....
The Prayers of his Grandchildren at the Funeral say it all...

originally posted 8.29


enigma4ever said...

The TeddyCare poster was at GottaLaff's Blog last night, but it was also all over the internet and FB, and it was used in NYC this weekend, when a Rally of 3000 turned out for Healthcare for ALL and the Posters showed TeddyCare....

We need Teddycare, and if the Teabaggers want to attack people for wanting Teddycare- so be it- but 50 Million of us need Care, and the Bill should be named Teddy Care....

It is not about Obama anymore..
It is about 50 Million people...and Teddy who fought for over 40's time to make his Vision Real...

Fran said...

I noticed in the funeral mass they read the passage about how we are supposed to take care of each other hungry, thirsty, tired, sick..... and if you fail to do so, you fail the Lord,
I don;t want to get all biblical on ya here, just sayin' they picked that passage as a not so subtle message to say come on now-- all those people claiming to be religious in politics, and they needed to hear that message.

There is a long list of hurries... urgent, life threatening, bankrupting hurries that are long overdue.

Short of that, then we should push that whatever they come up with, they too will have their own congressional insurance plan be one & the same.

Because for We the People, it is not theoretical.

enigma4ever said...

I thought alot about what you said..
so so true that those Children really spoke of a promise to Teddy's work..
so I posted their message..
and yes Max spoke of keeping the Promise on Healthcare...

enigma4ever said...

Sept 4-5th:::
Mark Knoller tweets- really interesting:::
At same time, sr. official says Obama is "reviewing all of the various legislative proposals" that have so far been made in Congress.
1 minute ago from web

Latest WH strategy on health care legislation: Senior official says Obama has not yet made a decision on whether he'll submit his own bill.
2 minutes ago from web

@PJTibbs The question is: can a health care bill with a public option get the votes to pass. Right now: doubtful.
about 19 hours ago from web in reply to PJTibbs

Coming up for Obama next wk: Mon: Labor Day speech in Cinncy; Tue: Back to School speech & Sotomayor Investiture; Wed: Address to Congress.
about 19 hours ago from web

In a press release, Cong Lee declared that a public option - like Medicare - is seen as the "cornerstone" of real health care reform.
about 19 hours ago from web

Congressional Black Caucus Chair Barbara Lee (D-Ca) says members told Obama today they want a "strong & robust public option" in h/c bill.
about 19 hours ago from web

There's the rub for Obama. Some liberal House members will feel betrayed by him if there's no public option in his health care bill.
about 20 hours ago from web

Obama favors a public option but has made it clear he can sign a bill without it so long as it provides access to health care for all.
about 20 hours ago from web

Word from cap hill colleague @jacksonjk is that members told Obama they want a strong public option in the health care bill.
about 20 hours ago from web

Those on the line with Obama today included members of the Black, Hispanic, Progressive & Asian-Pacific American Caucuses (cauci?).
about 20 hours ago from web

Vacation interruptus. Pres. Obama does health care conference call from Camp David this afternoon with a few groups of House members.
about 20 hours ago from web

ACLU says "after years of closed doors, Americans will finally know more about who consults the Adminstration on matters of public policy."
about 23 hours ago from web

ACLU hails Obama White House for it's "landmark" new policy to make visitor records public.
about 23 hours ago from web

enigma4ever said...

AM Asshole tweets::: Yup the Crazies are out...

@watergatesummer It is the high water mark four crazy. Why would any parent sign it? I wouldn't want my kids hereing commie propoganda.
11 minutes ago from web in reply to watergatesummer

@Smiff Are you sayeing that Oblama isn't far enuff to the left? You libruls are really crazy!
16 minutes ago from web in reply to Smiff

@Smiff We hates him because hes a unAmerican communist!

33 minutes ago from web in reply to Smiff
Baroke Omama is not my precedent and he shudn't be playing socialist games with by helth!!!!!!!

Fran said...

This is why I *don't tweet*!!!

Local parade this morning- Congressman DeFazio was there.... we called out
Fund the Public Option-- stop funding WAR!

They had a great sarcastic health care entry an ambulance with *unplugged* as it's theme featuring LIP SERVICE health care.... had a bunch of people dragging unplugged cords wearing hospital gowns & those flesh colored plastic asses hanging out of the back side.

Good snark!

enigma4ever said...


No.... I twitter- it is an amazing way to get info out to ppl quickly and share- I posted that because it gives a clue how stupid and rabid the Teabaggers are...unreal-I block them from following me- work hard at it...but they are out there- and they are really not right in the head...and yet CNN portrays them as if they are reasonable ppl=-NOT...

Obama News ( internet)
Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Obama to talk health care reform at AFL-CIO picnic
This is important.


Because labor has already given a shot across the bow, no public option, no boots on the ground for any Democrat that votes against it.

Is the Obama White House waking up from a long month's sleep? We will see.

President Barack Obama will unveil a retooled campaign for his health care overhaul on Labor Day at a massive union picnic in Cincinnati.

Obama will attend the AFL-CIO’s annual Labor Day shindig at Coney Island, an old amusement park on the Ohio River, accompanied by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney and Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka.

No word yet on content, but the president’s supporting cast could offer a clue. Last month, Trumka warned Democrats that union forces would sit out the next election if they passed a health plan that did not include the so-called public option, a government-run insurance plan that would compete with private insurers.