Saturday, September 05, 2009

Sherrod Brown Says he is NOT Budging on the Public Option.....

(from TPM Article):::Despite several indications that the White House will ultimately not go to bat for a public option, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) says he's seen no signs that the White House will change course--but if they do, he's not budging.
"I know that the White House is debating it internally," Brown said in an interview with TPMDC. "But Congress is writing the bill, the President's not.""The White House should not take progressives for granted," an animated Brown told me. "It's not just the conservatives he needs to be in the fold. It's the progressives who've been in the vineyards fighting for reform for years."
( or you can click the Title and read the TPM article) I wish Sherrod would have a Town Meeting in Cleveland but so far , no luck.
But I don't know when there will or if there will be one. I did write to him this month, and this summer, in the Comments I have posted his letter to me about his Health Plan and his concerns. I hope he fights for us, I really do....Does he have Lion Qualities, yes.....


enigma4ever said...

He sent this to me on the 7th of August ( I have written his office three times this summer about #HCR and public plan) He had originally said that he would be doing another Public Meeting- here but nothing has happened)

Dear Ms. Mcneil:

Thank you for getting in touch with me about health insurance reform.

My schedule for August and September is already full, but I appreciate your interest in sharing your views like so many other Ohioans have. I have held more than 140 roundtables across the state, at least one in every county, over the past two years. I will continue to hold these roundtables and reach out to Ohioans through other events. As a general matter, I announce public events in Ohio with a news release. Local newspapers typically post notices of these events. If you have time, it would be useful if you would visit my website at and write me a note outlining your thoughts. I am keeping track of the views of Ohioans to inform my positions on various aspects of health insurance reform.

In terms of the type of health coverage you would have after reform, I support giving Americans more choices. If they are enrolled in coverage now and want to keep it, the legislation I support would help protect that coverage by lowering the cost of employer-sponsored and individual premiums. A key reason so many Americans are losing their employer-sponsored coverage is that employers can no longer afford to sponsor this coverage. If they want to switch plans or if they become unemployed, Americans should have the choice of enrolling in other private coverage or in a public insurance plan with the same benefits as those members of Congress receive.

Since first being elected to Congress in 1992, I have refused to accept the health plan members of Congress are offered until every American has access to meaningful health coverage. I currently pay to participate in my wife’s health care plan. Before that, I purchased individual coverage. After health reform is passed, I would be glad to enroll in the public insurance option and I am fighting to ensure it is an option for every American, including members of Congress.


Sherrod Brown
United States Senator

libhom said...

Good for him. I hope he doesn't cave from pressure by Harry Reid and Obama.