Saturday, September 12, 2009

Poverty numbers...These numbers show how the working poor and middle class are still suffering..

Please read the Dailykos story linked to the title, it is not good news, but is also shows why the HCR is so needed while people struggle to pay rent and food and basic survival bills.


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petrovdempskiFederal Bureau of Investigation - The Detroit Division: Department of Justice Three Indicted for Mortgage Fraud Scam

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petrovdempskiFBI- Baltimore: Pasadena Title Company Owner Sentenced to Over 7 Years for Defrauding Lenders of Over $3.4 Million
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americablogAP poll: 7 in 10 have no confidence in Washington fixing Wall Street: Whoever those 3 in 10 people are, they nee..
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petrovdempskiFBI - The Phoenix Division: Real Estate Investor Convicted on 19 Counts for Mortgage Fraud Conspiracy

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