Saturday, September 05, 2009

And Yet Another Hitler Moment August26th....this time Grassley's Town Hall

And Please know I have been nagging the Media on CNN etc ( via Twitter etc) that they need to Cover Real Issues, Not the Teaparty express, BUT talk to real people that have lost Healthcare etc. But no they are only interested in the TeabagThuggery. And to top it off, they have paid little attention to this Thuggery, and Hatemongering that is posing real Danger to our President. On this Video listen to Senator Grassley listen to a Man totally disparage and lie about President Obama comparing him to Hitler, and then LISTEN to Senator Grassley's response. He basically does NOT dispute the man at all. (I blogged that earlier this month Grassley called him "dangerous" at a Town hall Meeting August 12th, On CSPAN- it has been removed from Youtube- as have most of the town hall meetings other than Teabagger Footage).

WHo is feeding these people this Propaganda ? The TeaParty Express- the same one that is getting free coverage from CNN and the NYT. And here is more about them and Dick Armey and the Freedomworks, The BIGGER Question that No One has asked ,WHO is funding them ? IS it the HealthInsurance Companies that lobbied the Whitehouse, NOW are these same Companies Bussing thugs, Employees and Teabaggers to Meeting after they have fed them this garbage ??? and are actively inciting violence. And do watch the NJ Town Hall Below where they bullied a woman in a wheelchair....This is really is.


the walking man said...

from the rain comes the flower
from the bee the fruit
from the words comes the fallacy
from the frustration the fist.


Blueberry said...

I have gotten to where I stay away from the town halls and similar events. So much ugliness, it's hard to bear. To my Congresspeople and the President I have tweeted and petitioned and sent snail mail and facebooked. I have showed up at rallies and events earlier in August. Now I just want it decided, and I want the public option.

enigma4ever said...

Thanks B:
yes- I don't even think we will have anymore here...
sadly- I say that because I think alot of people have been misinformed and lied to- and they need facts and info...
I just want it decided- that is all I have wanted all summer- and for there to be a Public Option..I am tired of blogging it..

thanks...ahh the wisdom of a poet...thank you..