Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Senator Jay Rockefeller announced yesterday afternoon he will NOT Support Baucus's Bill....

The title it linked to the article or you can read it here and more of his concerns about the Bill Created by Baucus and the Gang of Six. I have to say that Huffington Post now has a Full Healthcare Page that is really helpful do check it out.

(( 4pm Tuesday Shuster did first leak Rockefellers comments and MSNBC reported that Rockefeller will not support a bill without a strong Publc Option ).

Please do Call and Write and Email Senator Rockefeller your support of him and His Stance on Public Option. You can email him here at his address and leave a message. You can also call at 202-224-6472


the walking man said...

Has the president categorically said he will veto a bill without a public option?

Fran said...

Finally! Some politician with spine!

Baucu$ has been a total whore for the for-profit health care indu$try. Enough already!

I wish all of them had to wear a large placard with the amount of money they've taken for their vote.

Someone commented-- skip using the word "Blue", just call them "dogs".

Aarlene said...

I think it was on facebook, Credo, probably, a very apt term: "Blue Cross" democrats.

I knew nothing would get better with Bush; sometimes I feel more despair now than I did then.