Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Song for the Night...The Boss..."We Shall OverCome" ( we sang at our Rally Tonight)

This is the song that we sang " We Shall Overcome" ...after the Silent Prayer for the Lion....It really strikes me, I have gone to vigils and marches over the years, mostly related to Wars, and then in the late 80's and early 90's it was AIDS.....and it just strikes me as so odd that this was the Summer of Hate and it was about Healthcare....and that sick people, Uninsured should be out with signs and candles waving to people with "Healthcare for All " signs...and yeah as an UnInsured Nurse it seems surreal...It is up to us to be the Lion....and Roar.

And sadly what we suspected all along is true- the Whitehouse is split into TWO it and call the Whitehouse- the numbers are down below. I hope and pray that President Obama listens to his inner Lion, and follows his own moral compass, it's time for him to remember what was promised to millions of us as we worked for him last year.....

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tom said...

Go Bruce
HE want's us to have healthcare

Republicans ARE assholes

we SHALL overcome
as long as the rest of the Democratic party can find its nutsack