Saturday, September 12, 2009

The true story of the Woman that was heckled as she sat in her wheelchair.....

We all remember the woman that was heckled at a town hall meeting in NJ as she tried to explain her situation and ask a question. I am writing to Ed to ask him to have her on his show....She has a name and a story and a Message.....Must read the whole title.
“This country is a completely different place to live in when you get sick,” she stated at the Congressman Frank Pallone's town hall. “Please protect me from the extortion of the pharmaceutical giants.”
In our conversation she elaborated. “The minute I was diagnosis it was like the medical system strapped on the feed bag.” She described how, even though she has Medicare, her medical costs are nearly $10,000 per year.

“I made a big mistake when I became eligible for Medicare,” she explains. “I had six months to purchase a supplemental plan and didn't know it, and now that I'm sick no private insurer will cover me.” The next chance she will have to purchase private supplemental Medicare insurance will be her sixty-fifth birthday.

She told me how the new biological drug Enbrel worked wonders after being bedridden for two summer months last year. But when the free samples ran out she was unable to afford the $600 per month co-pay for the drug that was priced at $1,600 per month. “I've chatted with people in other countries and these drugs are available and affordable. The world is watching us have this debate and they find it appalling.”

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