Friday, September 04, 2009

What to Twitter and Share on FB about Healthcare Reform and Public Option, With Links to Use::::

Sadly We all Must Fight on, as 50 Million have NO Healthcare,22,000 Die per year with no Care (179,000 since 2001). So we must fight for all of us. Even those with Insurance are not safe from this Healthcare Crisis, or from Medical Debt. 62% of ALL bankruptcies are due to Medical Debt. 35 Million are on Food Stamps- remember that Many People are now choosing between Food and Meds. Now the Rumors are rampant- that Rahm has dumped the Public Option, and that Obama is "negogiating" with Olympia Snowe as she wants to set up a "Trigger" Plan. My Question is with so many Sick and Dying- WHY do we need at Trigger Plan. When is Enough Enough ?

There are Many Rallies and Town Meetings this week- Get out and photo ...50 Million need us to be the Lion...
and Roar.

NOON Update:::
Pence Holds Town Hall Meeting and embraces Hiter /Superior Race Crap, Think Progress has more details, and this is just one of four videos....

( this is really going off the cliff....I am so embarrassed that this is going on in America- and these are Town Halls held in Churches....WHO are these people?).
Countdown covered the Pence Meeting, shows more about this issue.
CelluloidBlonde blogs the Stats in a Concise One Page , that is Staggering:
Sample:::500,000 People with Cancer are Currently Fighting the Disease with NO Insurance.The Sixth leading Cause of Death for NonElderly Adults is People dying without Healthcare.LINK:::
The Truth about How Bad Is HealthCare Coverage is Unraveling in California.
(1) 1:5 Health Claims in California have been getting rejected. 22% of All Claims, Legal Authorities will now investigate, But More than 47 Million Dollars worth of Claims have been rejected. This Story is about the Investigation of Denied Care and Claims. LINK:,0,4503502.story
(2) This is an amazing Huffington Post article about how the Human Rights Aspect of this HCR debate has been missing, It is worth sharing and talking about. LINK:
(3) This is a Twitter Link to Which Senators to Contact about the Public Option and where they stand. LINK:
(4) This is BlondeTwit's Post " Divided&Conquered", worth reading and sharing.
(5) This post is about a NY Physician that is trying to help, but is being shut down by the Government and Insurance Companies as he tries to provide Care to the Uninsured at a discount, giving them care they could afford. ( teabaggers were tweeting this with great glee ??!! )

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