Thursday, September 03, 2009

Woman in NJ Town Hall Bullied and yelled at as she tries to speak about cost of Meds. ( Please note No One Stops the Thuggery)

Huffington Post was the first to over this event, it was a Town Hall Meeting from NJ, that of Frank Pallone. ( Thans to Fran for finding video). It was a Meeting hat had more than 1500 people, and he had a hard time keeping order. See Video below) Horrible Example of a total lack of Humanity- heartbreaking...and really worrisome. In this Town Hall Meeting Where are the Grown Ups ? Why did NOT one person step in as this poor woman in a wheelchair bravely described her illness, her battle for care, the expense of her meds, as she shook with emotion, NOT one person stepped forward to comfort her, or tell the others to hush. NOT ONE ??? Are we as a Nation going to let the Bullies win ?

( If you read this link you can see in the Comments of this Article that we have a Serious Humanity Problem, neither the writer of the article or the Comments show any compassion for the poor woman....)

And the Repugs have been Allowing this to go on at meetings- saying not a word,sadly this meeting of Frank Pallone a Dem did not stand up for her either. Should Elected Reps of the People atleast Try to maintain Order and Civility, should they let people be bullied.

And then to top it off, President Obama, NOW is YOUR time to step Forward and LEAD on this issue.

NO ONE should ever be bullied for coming to a Public Meeting and trying to Dialogue about HEALTHCARE. NO ONE. 50 Million People Right NOW are being Bullied by a Handful of Repugs, Angry insane TV personalities, and Racists. And we are supposed to sit back and let ANY chance of Care, Real Healthcare being "Negotiated" or "Compromised" with THEM ???? WHY ????

Can there be any room for a centrist at a health care reform town hall meeting

And here is another event at Florida. There was another incident in California. And to be honest, there was a smack at our Fudge Meeting too, a woman one row over was smacked in the face-at that rally the people did stand up for her, and demanded that the Hitter/Distrupter be removed. ( the Newspapers and TV stations did not report that though- or really what the HCR people said or wanted).
We Must Fight On, 50 Million are Counting on us. We must be the Lions Now, we Must roar so DC will listen....lives are at stake. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Mead


tom said...

The slapper should have been arrested, and the biter and puncher as well!

the deathwingers keep upping the ante at these public meetings, we need to see the violent ones arrested by the socialist police

Fran said...

Whew! That was disturbing at best.
How rude of all those people carrying on like they were at a sports event.
Hell- they even have parental sporting event guidelines so parents can learn to behave in a civil way.

In part I blame whomever is conducting the meetings..... they should not allow the thing to fall apart into chaos.

Your Ohio Congressperson told out of order yellers to respect the people in line to speak.
She required it.

Can;t these congresspeople either say we will have a rule of order or YOU are out, or the Congressperson is out.

Either we have order or this meeting is adjourned.

Get a damned professional facilitator.
Work up a format.

Get clue.

That was really the pits to watch this woman try to speak, and have some neanderthals yelling.... and the jerk in the back asking why someone in a wheelchair has more rights than him.


I found myself wishing the next event (bolt of lightening, hit by a bus, stroke) landed that guy in a wheelchair with a similar fate so he could understand her issue.

Compassion by default.

If I were running that meeting, I would have demanded the crowd get orderly or get out.

Because the truth is, when things break down that much, no one is being heard or listening.

Damned Shame.

KM Lawrence said...

Damned Shame is all that can be said at this point.
Damned Shame that so many have lost their minds and are descending into the pit from which they'll never return.
Damned Shame. (thanks Fran)

enigma4ever said...

KM....hey there thank U for coming over( am putting your post up tomorrow)

ahhh woman you said it all- and thank U for finding the video ;-)

and once again...
you said it...

nite all....

enigma4ever said...

I did try to find this woman's name- I think it would be nice to apologize to her about this meeting...let her know SOMEONE cares ???

I am so ashamed this happened here..

and horrified..

and I kept thinking did her son or family see this ???
(hence the photo at the top)

Christopher said...

President Obama has gone from hope to dope in a scant 9 months.

He's betrayed his base as well as the uninsured and under-insured by not supporting single payer healthcare for all Americans.

And if the media sourcing is correct, and Obama's now ready to insist a public option is NOT part of any healthcare reform bill, then on top of all the other broken promises (troops out of Iraq by Aug. 2010, repeal of both "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," and DOMA, and his insane obsession with expanding our presence in Afghanistan) then I think, and I believe, Mr. Obama will not be able to make a compelling reason to the American voters why he deserves to be reelected in 3 years for a second term.

The netroots played a pivotal role in Obama's election and if some of the comments at Netroots 2009 in Pittsburgh are any indication, this president is already in serious trouble with his base.

the walking man said...

steele the head of the RNC in his open forum at a southern college belittled one questioner by saying that she would be made happy because she was going to be on the nightly news after her question concerning universal health care.

Funny thing was MSNBC in fact did have the young woman on to explain what the exchange was about with steele because the video was poor quality and the sound even worse.

Turns out that her mother had died 6 months ago without proper medical care for her cancer, she prefaced her question with the telling of that.

I have to laugh when I think of the elder bush and his bullshit compassionate conservatism and wonder how much he paid for someone to come up with that slogan. Probably enough to have gotten the young woman's mother proper medical care or the disabled lady in the wheel chair all of her meds for a year.

I have been reading Larry Flynts essays at HuffPo calling for a national strike. It is an interesting concept but too many people are afraid because they are at will employee's. OK good...then I say take another tactic.

If it is business that is eating us alive then we have to realize that it is our money they are using to do it with.

I am thinking that rather than a national strike day more along the line of a national strike season.

Christmas sounds like a good time to me to keep what little money you have left, in your pocket. Hit retail and let it filter through the stock market. Strike the pricks in the balls they think makes them powerful, their money.

enigma4ever said...

Walking Man::
thanks...about the girl at the Steele Hall- I did post about his town hall below- but I will look for the MSNBC video...

the Strike Idea is interesting - sadly so many are out of work- I guess they are already on stike...I think the numbers are worse than we know...LarryF is an interesting writer...

I am worried about our country..very...worried about the we all treat each other and problem solve...and we also are learning things about the right- how ignorant and racist they can is concerning..very...And sadly after 8 years of Bush- now we are reaping what that administration sowed...we are broken as country- in about 20 directions- it is not just about the economy-

we are broken morally as well as financially..and that is sad....frustating...

I understand your frustations with Obama, and I am listening...I may not agree...But I do hear you...

We are 7 monthes into this presidency...and it has in many ways been harrowing..worrisome and tiring and difficult on many fronts....

and yes, as I diehard kennedy liberal ( hmm does that mean I am progressive- I have no idea)...but yes, I do share some of your concerns- ok...( I hope that in some way makes sense..)

( I may only be blogging HCR and the Healthcare Crisis- but I am still watching many fronts- from torture to economy etc and yes don't ask, don't tell etc...and yes one day I want to go to Netroots- I am sure it is better to be there- than watch on cspan;-)

D.K. Raed said...

I am so ashamed to be a member of the same species as those people who ranted and raged at a wheelchair woman.

The town hall screamers have pumped the falsity that a "govt option" will mean that people's healthcare gets rationed according to their productiveness. They have actually cited Steven Hawking as an example of someone who would be rationed under a "govt healthcare" (which is a big joke knowing that he does indeed rely on Britain's national healthcare service). Then these same people start yelling at and harrassing a wheelchair woman who tries to speak about her healthcare concerns?!?

They have obviously lost their moral compass, but have they no sense of irony left?

enigma4ever said...

I feel as disgusted as Katrina week....