Sunday, September 13, 2009

President Obama gave Speech Supporting Public Option to huge crowd in Minnesota

This was a great speech, he made it very clear he is not tolerating lies and distortions at all. He was passionate and forceful about the Public Option and that we have a problem, he spoke to between 15,000 - 20,000 at the Target Center in Minneapolis. ( this is the Same center that the repugs could not fill exactly a year ago ?). He filled it and people waited since early am to see him. Meanwhile in DC the teaparty crap went on. While our president spoke fiercely about the importance of this Health Care Crisis, clearly he takes it seriously...When in 8 years did we ever see Bush come talk to the people on a weekend about Something that Effected them ? ....Never.
if you want to click the title it has his full speech and interaction with the crowd from the Whitehouse Blog.....give it a will see how strong his on the PublicOption, regardless of what the CottonCandybrained Punditheads say....( yeah that means you Chuch Todd and David-Danced-With-Rove Gregory...
Part I: (first 10 minutes) "IT can happen to Anyone"

Part II:::...listen for him to speak about PublicOption

Part III of his speech
Part IV, the FiredUP part

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