Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tonight CandleLight PublicOption Can't Wait Vigils, 7:30PM Click the Link,362 Scheduled.....

Do Click the Title to find out where a Vigil is planned near you. Also do read the post below, again we need to save the Public Option, it is going to come down to people like you and me to fight for 50 Million Americans that have NO healthcare.
The Facts are Ugly:
50 Million and Counting have NO healthcare.
22,000 Per Year die with NO Care, >179,000 in past 8 years.
That Means 60 die per day with No healthcare.
14,000 Per Day Lose Healthcare, that is 400,000/month
More than 70% of ALL bankruptcies are due to Medical Debt.
To put it Simply The Public Option Would Save Lives.
50 Million Lives have already been Compromised Waiting for Care.
We Can't Afford to Wait......

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