Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Same Companies that have been having Employees Sabotage the Town Hall Meetings....Had Meetings with the Whitehouse....

I hate writing this post, but I had promised myself if I was worried of confused or questioned how things were being handled I would blog. I feel like there has been a lot of Confusion on the healthcare reform that did not need to happen...I feel like in the Dog Days of Summer, things are Hazy, and I kept wondering how has this Healthcare Battle gotten so muddied and WHY has No Democratic Leadership or even the President come forward to clear away the debris of the battle of Confusion that has been fed by Hate and Lies.It has mystified me and left me wondering, What is the Whitehouse Hiding ?And in the pit of my stomach I kept praying that President Obama was not using the Clinton Playbook from the Nineties- the one where there were Secret Meetings....and the People were abandoned in what they needed.

I do understand the need for meetings, or even negogiations.... but it worried me more now knowing that the same Companies forced employees to go to meetings. And Now we are getting some answers...and not all of it is pretty. ( Click the Link to the Huffington Post Visit Schedule....or look in the Comments, I have posted some of it) LINK for Twitter::

This is NOT good news, and this is NOT the Change any of us worked so hard on for two years. My son is going to be crushed when he sees this, we gave up movies and meals to give to Obama. And I know many of us gave time and money... If you watch Rachel you will see the Familiar Names, from Unitedhealthcare to Helmsley to Wellpoint.....And that the meetings started back in winter and spring. Click the title to see the Meeting Schedule released by the Whitehouse and Huffpo Story.....I feel a bit sick that the same Sabotageurs were paid by these Companies that had for monthes had Access to Our Whitehouse and Our President. And we can not even have peaceful Town Meetings.....Hired Thugs that had hospitality, More than a seat at the table at the Whitehouse.

We still need to push for a PublicPlan, especially with so many people struggling in Part Time Jobs, and 50 Million Plus without any Healthcare.BUT there is a difference NOW, NO Compromise Now- NONE. Teabaggers and Unhappy Bluedogs and Repugs are the Least of our President's Worries. He not only has to bring Courage on Wednesday Night, he has to bring Some Explanations and a REAL Plan for 50 Milliion , NOT a Mollycoddling Plan for the Repugs and the Insurance Companies.....WH: 202-456-1111 and 202-456-1414


enigma4ever said...

Bill Tauzin (President and CEO, Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America):

• March 5 (meeting with president)
• May 19 (meeting with Sarah Fenn)
• June 2 (meeting with Sarah Fenn)
• June 24 (meeting with Clare Gallagher)
• July 7 (meeting with Jim Messina)

Karen Ignagni (President and CEO, America's Health Insurance Plans):

• March 5 (meeting with president)
• March 6 (meetings with Elizabeth Bafford and Larry Summers)
• March 11 (meeting with Jennifer Cannistra)
• June 30 (meeting with Sarah Fenn)
• July 24 (meeting with Sarah Fenn)

Richard Umdenstock (President and CEO, American Hospital Ass'n.):

Story continues below

• February 4 (meeting with Tina Tchen)
• February 23 (meeting with president)
• March 5 (meeting with president)
• March 25 (meeting with Jennifer Cannistra)
• March 30 (meeting with Ezekiel Emanuel)
• April 6 (meeting with Tina Tchen)
• May 22 (meeting with Sarah Fenn)

J. James Rohack (President-elect, American Medical Ass'n.):

• March 25 (meeting with Ezekiel Emanuel)
• June 22 (meeting with president)
• June 24 (meetings with Clare Gallagher and president)

William Weldon (Chairman and CEO, Johnson & Johnson):

• May 12 (meeting with president)

Jeffrey B. Kindler (Chairman and CEO, Pfizer Inc.):

• March 5 (meeting with president)
• May 6 (meetings with Sarah Fenn and Elizabeth Bafford)
• June 2 (meeting with Sarah Fenn)

Stephen J. Hemsley (President, CEO, Director, UnitedHealth Group, Inc.):

• May 15 (meeting with Sarah Fenn)
• May 22 (meeting with Peter Orszag)
• July 14 (meeting with Aneesh Chopra)

Angela Braly (President, CEO, Director, WellPoint, Inc.):

• February 13 (meeting with president)

George Halvorson (Chairman and CEO, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan):

• March 27 (meeting with Keith Fontenot)
• June 5 (meeting with Peter Orszag)
• July 23 (meeting with Kathleen Sibelius)
• July 24 (meeting with Sarah Fenn)

Jay Gellert (President and CEO, Health Net, Inc.):

• February 10 (meeting with Tina Tchen)
• March 11 (meeting with Jennifer Cannistra)
• March 20 (meeting with Matt Flavin)
• July 24 (meeting with Sarah Fenn)

Thomas Priselac (President and CEO, Cedars-Sinai Health System):

• April 3 (meeting with Ezekiel Emanuel)

Richard Clark (Chairman, President and CEO, Merck):

• March 24 (meeting with Ezekiel Emanuel)

Wayne T. Smith (Chairman, President and CEO, Community Health Systems):

• June 4 (meeting with Sarah Fenn)

Rick Smith (Sr. Vice President, Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America):

• May 19 (meeting with Sarah Fenn)
• June 2 (meeting with Sarah Fenn)
• July 7 (meeting with Jim Messina)
• July 24 (meeting with Sarah Fenn)

the walking man said...

As President Obama is head of the Democratic ticket. It is time to fish or cut bait. The public option is the only option and the Democrats had best shut the hell up and get on with it. We can work against someone just as easily as we can work for someone.

Annette said...

The President signs the bills into law.. the Congress writes the bills.. You need to concentrate on Congress.. They are the ones who have to stand strong and the ones who have to be the ones holding onto the Public Option.. Yes, I want the President to still support it and I think he does.. I think all you are doing is feeding on the fear mongering of the Republicans and the media.. There has been nothing to me that says the President has dropped it.. just a bunch of rumors and bull shit reporters who say they think that is what is happening..

Keep after the Blue Dogs and the Senators who are on the fence that I have listed on my blog, those are the ones we have to concentrate on.. more so than the President.. We have two good bills, the Kennedy HELP bill and HR 3200, once those are reconciled and voted on, that is what the President needs to sign.. cost 600 billion over 10 years.. paid for in savings and the money the president allocated in his budget.. done.. just need the votes.. there are 45 Senators committed to that. I have this all laid out.. You should read my post on it..

If he has met with the insurance companies so what.. Aren't we trying to get them to deal with this and to work with us and set at the table? Weren't they at the first group meeting at the White House when they all met together very openly and put their heads together to get this started in March and had the day long forum? Why does everyone want to see something sinister in everything this President does now?

Trust, E, Trust.. we have talked about this before.. it is time to trust again. I know it is hard but please.. let us start to trust again.

enigma4ever said...

"feeding on the fearmongering" ? Nice annette, and wrong. Did you even read what I just posted- its FACTS that are concerning.

President Obama should not have been meeting with the Insurance Companies at the WH- sorry- but that is exactly what went on in the 90's- and it smells of Rahm Emmannual's work....And yes, we should pay attention if the Insurance Companies are PAYING for the Thuggery at the Town Halls- THAT is a huge problem...esp if it is inciting Violence or disrupting honest conversation about Our Healthcare Crisis.

Walking Man-
Exactly he needs to stand up and do what needs to be done- no more mollycoddling the Repugs or the Bluedogs or the Insurance Companies..

And sorry- but the President did let this fester like an open wound ALL summer, after the WH had meetings with the Companies all spring. So he is indeed at Fault. I support him- BUT I wanted Change I voted for it- I worked for it- I paid for it- My son and I worked hard to make this happen- I did NOT work for this. THIS is exactly what the Clintons did in the Nineties..

And yes,President Obama NEEDS to come out and Support the Public Option STRONGLY- and he should have done it when Sebelius screwed it up 3 weeks ago- the moment she went on Talk Shows and Town Meetings and Spoke out of turn and said
NOT Essential- HE should have come out and Corrected it- Instead Gibbs came out and said that we all Misheard or Misunderstood.

During a Moment Of Crisis is when a President is Supposed to Lead......