Sunday, September 06, 2009

New Healthcare Reform Articles and Links for Labor Day....

{1} Do Tweet this or FB LINK:,
AMA hitting the road about the HC Crisis and Reform...

{2{Great Site,LINK:::
Wonderful site that is part of the Battle.....
( this is the group that had Keifer Sutherland make the Tommy Douglas Video about HCR,but the sound on that over at Youtube has been dismantled)

UK Paper really nails the Obama Dilemma.... ( How pathetic that only UK and Foreign papers report our Healthare Crisis better than Americans)

{4} Proposal for New rules that would pay for HCR By Senate Finance Committee, mainly crafted by Baucus I am still reading to determine if this is an effective solution, or just window dressing, there is NO Public Plan at all, and No Public Option.

{5} Weird article about Obama, says he gave preview- as of 4am, he has not given the speech yet, really strange.

{6} Great link :::
OpenLeft explains WHY Media won't report what we need to know..... ( thank you Nicolle).

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