Tuesday, September 22, 2009

17 Year Old 's Insurance is dropped due to Celiac Disease

This week I am trying to find stories of Real Americans having Real health problems and real health Insurance Issues, I think it demonstrates how and what people are battling on so many fronts. Real families are struggling with Huge Bills and sleepless nights. Sadly the Media is compelled to cover Whiney Republicans and heartless teabaggers, so the real Health Care Crisis in this country is not getting covered properly. Click the title to one Story of One American's Struggle for Health Care....

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Fran said...

How strange-- because Celiac- gluten intolerance is treated by no consuming gluten.... it's not a spendy disease insurance wise.
It is spendy food budget wise because the specialty foods cost more.
But it is not like a type 1 diabetic that would have tons of medical expenses for meds, supplies, testing equipment, specialists, etc.
Still dropping anyone after any diagnosis should be illegal.