Monday, September 14, 2009

Brave New Films Film on Healthcare Crisis....On Insurance Cancelling people with Cancer

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Julie said...

You need to tweak your column widths ... the new, wider format YouTube videos overlay the text in your right-hand column so that it cannot be read.

enigma4ever said...

I have a very old blog- there is not much I can to widths- unless I dismantle old posts etc. but this was all I got when I did do upgrade- this blog is also set up to be friendly for the visually impaired.

If I use smaller video- then I run into another issue of visual issues.

Most people play the videos and they work fine- did you try it ?

Also if you click twice on the video that takes to the larger video and video can try that.

You are the first to complain about this ever...most people have watched videos here for I apologize that you had difficulty.

enigma4ever said...

it would be nice to see your blog also, or make link available. ( it is possible that you have wordpress or are not used to Blogger) but do press arrow- I think you will see the Video plays fine and is easy enough to see.

enigma4ever said...

About Blago's fundraiser turning up dead::

orruption case against ex-governor Rod Blagojevich is dead.

Christopher Kelly died Saturday. The cause of his death is not yet clear.

Kelly was Blagojevich's long-time fundraiser and was indicted in three separate federal criminal cases. He was just six days away from having to report to federal prison to begin a nearly eight-year sentence on charges unrelated to political corruption.

As if that wasn't enough, Chris Kelly faced trial alongside Rod Blagojevich next summer. Hanging over it all was an intense pressure from prosecutors to flip on his friend, the former governor.

Story continues below

Christopher Kelly was seen four days ago at the federal courthouse. His voice was soft. He admitted to feeling intense pressure. He pled guilty in a contract kickback scheme for his roofing business.

The judge ordered Kelly to report to prison this coming Friday.

Friday night, he was in the parking lot of a hardware store in Country Club Hills. Authorities say he was with a woman when he is believed to have overdosed. She drove him to the hospital.

"We cordoned off that area. Evidence technicians have done a search and have found some evidence, and we're processing that," said Country Club Hills Dwight Welch.

A spokesman for the Cook County hospital system said Kelly's condition stabilized. So, he was transferred for further treatment to Stroger hospital. He died there five hours later.

The medical examiner will perform an autopsy Sunday. The Chicago Tribune reports preliminary tests indicate Kelly overdosed on pain relief medications. Whether it was intentional remains unclear.

Kelly lived with his wife and three daughters in a gated-community in Burr Ridge. He was one of Rod Blagojevich's earliest supporters and quickly became a close friend and trusted advisor. Kelly ran Blagojevich's massive fundraising operation during his two campaigns for governor.

As Blagojevich's problems grew, so did Kelly's. First, the federal authorities indicted him on tax charges. Then, the kickback scheme, and a third time in their case against Blagojevich.

Kelly told a judge earlier this week he felt "a great deal of pressure." Prosecutors were pushing him to flip on his friend, Blagojevich.

The former governor released a statement saying:

"I am deeply saddened to hear that Chris has died. My heart goes out to his wife Carmen, his three daughters Grace, Jacqueline and Claire, and his entire family. They are in our prayers."

"The pressure becomes almost unbearable, said former Chicago City Clerk Jim Laski.

Laski knows about the pressure of feeling the federal squeeze while facing a prison sentence.

"Did I drink six to eight beers, pop a valium? Yeah, it was a way for me to at least fall asleep and just get up in the morning and try to face another day. And everyday just seems worse and worse and worse," Laski said.

It is not known if Kelly intentionally tried to harm himself. His attorney, as well as the U.S. attorney, have declined to comment.

A spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office also wouldn't say how Kelly's death could affect the case against Rod Blagojevich.


Dan said...

I just found "Sick for Profit" and also posted it today. I find there is so much to post and so little time to digest it. Once again, enjoy your blog. thanks!

enigma4ever said...

its a great site- I have blogged it a few times- I am sorry I have been terrible getting around to blogs right now...and so sorry keep blogging it and reading it- the more that get educated the better...

Fran said...

Disgusting this one exec has so many homes, literally built on the backs of sick people.
So glad the other guy was choking on his glad plated private jet meals, knowing full well who paid for all that.

Where is the MSM when this stuff is released????

Busy reporting on obnoxious teabaggers reciting talking points & fashion week???

enigma4ever said...

fran -
I have no idea where the media is I have been sending stuff to everyone...anderson etc etc...
sick of it...

people are dying and the MSM is covering the teabaggers ????wtf ?

it's real..
its unreal....