Thursday, April 10, 2008


The Yearning For Zion Temple and Compound when looking at Aerials is disturbing Both photos and Film , there isThe All Seeing Eye Temple, and expansive grounds that used to be an exotic Animal Farm. It was originally purchased atleast 5 years ago. ( the Jeffs Branch has atleast 400 Million in the Bank susposedly). The Ranch was purchased for 700,000, and covers 1700 acres. The Mayor was told that the Ranch was going to be a Business Retreat for Business Executives. ( Seems like there should be Permits for the the Cement Plant, the Incinerator on Site at the Temple, the Water and Sewage, and the Roads, even for the farming), and the Quarry.

The Children and boys and the Women are the Labor for the Compound ( there should be records for all of this Business Activity, and Child Labor Laws Investigated). Look at the Expansive Grounds. I looked at many aerials, I did not see Toys, Playgrounds, or any signs of Children or Boys esp. the Aerial photos I found the women and little girls are working in the fields, but NO little boys were seen at all. NONE. Also the papers in Texas say that they raise Sheep, but there are no sheep in the photos either. In the Aerial Photos and the Footage in the Link, there are Large Semi Containers, their function is unclear.

( I would also ask the Authorities if there are records for the Incinerator, and where is the Grave Yard, a sect like this would never bury their own with the "heathens" ).

( In our Country we should study and learn from other Cult Sects and Settings whether it be Jones Town, Waco, and Heavens Gate. Espeically when Children are held captive or used as Labor.)

( Twice this has been made unavailable - ket me know- I will post another version if needed, if Someone could leave a comment about the "Potato Shed" , read post about the Furnace- sign anony that would be helpful, the Name of the Video: FLDS compound in eldorado texas, dC5K7fhgZtl, sometimes it works- sometimes it is not working).

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the Video is having trouble linking- and some one does keep readding it -
it is called
"FLDS compound in eldorado,texas"

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